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One Million at the DC Capitol January 6 - Then Look Out!

If we turn out one million people for the election suppression showdown on January 6, it will be impossible to hide how Karl Rove and the Republicans disenfranchised Blacks, Hispanics and students by - among other things - withholding voting machines and ensuring seven hour lines in the inner cities and no lines in the suburbs. What kind of inauguration after that!!

Please send this to your entire mailing list.
January 6 is when representatives like John Conyers and the Black Caucus can object to the results... the best thing we can do is have 10's or 100's of thousands of people on the mall (front lawn of the Capitol). The words of our leaders will be powerful with the masses at the door! Look at the growing awareness.... the evidence of the suppression of people of color and students by intimidation of properly registered voters, disenfranchisement by striking eligible voters from the rolls, withholding voting machines and ensuring seven hour lines in the inner cities and plentiful numbers in the suburbs, and much more is well-proven in Ohio and elsewhere . Whether or not the fraud is fully in the open by that time - the suppression is!

We will need to PERSONALLY hold the Congress to democracy. That can ONLY be done in person. BE THERE.. plan now...
We are still working on increasing public understanding, and we will need to be in DC. All roads lead here!

From :
"Come to the Capitol January 6th and show your support to the challenge to Ohio's electoral votes.

"Inside the Capitol our brave leaders will rise to challenge the legitimacy of the 2004 presidential election. Outside we must show them we stand with them. Join us in Upper Senate Park adjacent to the Capitol from 10:00 AM until they emerge to speak to us."

From the Progressive Democrats of Illinois:

"The Rally on Jan 6th has to be a Rally not a March, we have the permit for the west side of the Capitol Bldg and we are going to be working with as our primary web site, with car pool and bus info on it and as a secondary site, so everything will be on their web sites soon, they will be the primary sponsors and the Illinois Progressive Democrats will be a co-sponsor, Still waiting final word from NAACP-National Voter Fund and Rainbow Push as primary sponsors too.

"This rally is extremely important, everyone in Ohio agrees that the recount will probably be finished by then but the legal actions will probably not be finished, of course anything can happen but odds are they will be stalled. All it takes is 1 Rep and 1 Sen to create a Challenge, then everyone separates into the 2 chambers and has a debate. But the debate can be stifled by Cheney and his lynchman Hastert. There will have to be a huge rally outside to tell them they won't get away with it! Then there is a vote in each chamber or they can choose some middle path, like a Commission as in 1876."

As a post on the Democratic Underground so eloquently put it:

Having reflected, all day, on the exceptional dKos Diary "Folks Don't Get It" by shanikka, my resolve to see the 'national election of 2004' halted on 6 Jan 2005 transformed to "do or die."

You should read what she had to say and what it elicited from others - (it's incredible!):

I sent the following message to several colleagues:

We truly need millions of our fellow citizens in DC on 6 January.

I know we will join, together on that day, with responsible members of the HR and the Senate and halt the fraudulent national election of 2004.

We will halt it on 6 Jan 2005. That MUST BE THE TARGET DAY for the most massive demonstration in American history -- a demonstration that asserts conclusively that "we the people" will not tolerate anything but a HALT to the farce, the brutal, systematic attack on our fellow citizens in their effort to "form a more perfect union" -- to vote and know their vote was recorded as they intended.

We will remedy the situation by providing to each of our fellow citizens who are eligible to vote an equitable access to do just that -- vote.

We will ensure that each voter has a mechanism to ensure that their vote is counted exactly as they intend it to be.

We will save our American franchise of democracy.

We will bring joy and hope to all of humanity because of our actions between now and 6 Jan 2005, and every day thereafter.

We will never forget the peril to our Constitution, our freedom that we confronted together and resolved -- we will have lived and sacrificed in the honor of all those whose ideals and sacrifices have graced each of us and for whom we now must prove our gratitude.

We will prevail.

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