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Bleak Times at The Baltimore Sun's Message Board

Internet message boards like the one the Baltimore Sun uses are increasingly intolerant of independent speech and alternative viewpoints.
Internet message boards should be a great place for 911 skeptics to spread information to the uninformed. However, it seems to me that their effectiveness is overrated.

I just got banned from the message board of my local newspaper, the Baltimore Sun. ( This has happened before. I register, wait a while, then the freepers there challenge my views on 911. I respond intellectually and they unleash a torrent of vicious personal attacks, lies and all sorts of wild disinformation about the subject. Then their Talk Admin (i.e., moderator) steps in and bans me. There is seldom a reason.

When there is a pretext it is always flimsy and pales in comparison to the viciousness expressed by those parroting the official stories of 911. If you believe that the laws of physics were violated numerous times on 911 you're entitled to post on the Sun's message board the most vile, unbelievable garbage that can expressed in the English language. A person posting rational viewpoints there about 9/11 can not remain there long.

The Baltimore Sun is a somewhat liberal newspaper. I can imagine that newspapers around the country which have message boards are being moderated by Fascists like those who moderate the Sun's talk board.

Then there are message boards like Democratic Underground ( Currently, it seems like an okay place to start threads that discuss the innumerable anomalies with 911. However, DU's decision to make the 911 forum more hidden recently doesn't bode well. I can imagine in the near future they'll start banning 911 skeptics from posting there. Maybe I'm wrong.

This is a long-winded rant that I'm writing in complete disgust, angry that total losers are managing to close off debate in what I grew up to understand to be a free country. I think fighting to spread the truth about 9/11 on message boards may be a dead end for us skeptics. We need to find alternatives.


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