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BTL:As Chaos Reigns in Iraq, Bush's Political Support Plummets at Home

Interview with John Nichols, Washington correspondent with The Nation magazine, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris
As Chaos Reigns in Iraq, Bush's Political Support Plummets at Home

Interview with John Nichols, Washington correspondent with The Nation magazine, conducted by Scott Harris

As George W. Bush addressed the United Nations' General Assembly Sept. 23rd in an attempt to win support from skeptical governments around the world for what has become a chaotic and bloody U.S. occupation of Iraq, the president was quickly losing political support at home. The combination of an anemic economy and continued instability both in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to a loss in confidence in the president as seen in recent public opinion polls.

Several polls conducted in late September found that President Bush's approval rating had sunk to around 50 percent, his lowest standing since he took office after the disputed election of 2000. Support among Americans for the Bush administration's war in Iraq has also seen a precipitous drop, from a high in the over 60 percent range to a new low of 50 percent.

Although many Democratic Party leaders had voted for a congressional resolution authorizing Mr. Bush's invasion of Iraq, some Democrats now running for the White House are openly attacking the president for misrepresenting the truth in making his case for a U.S. war. The growing concern among Americans about the weak economic recovery, coupled with the loss of nearly 3 million jobs since the president was sworn into office, has emboldened many Democrats' critique of the Republican's foreign and domestic policies. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with John Nichols, Washington correspondent with The Nation magazine, who looks at the president's declining approval rating and the strength of the Democratic candidates now vying for Mr. Bush's job.

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