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TV Boycott announces “Boycott the News” campaign

In an attempt to get the network news programs to cover the war in an unbiased and uncensored manner, the boycott will put pressure on the revenue stream that makes the network news possible.
Boycott the News

California, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Texas - April 7, 2003 - TV Boycott has published the first of six monthly boycott lists as part of their campaign to correct censorship and bias in the news. A specific complaint and target of the immediate campaign is news coverage of the war in Iraq, on the national and local level.

By targeting the revenue stream of network television, mainly advertising, TV Boycott hopes to remind the networks that they answer not only to their stockholders but also to the owners of the public airwaves, the American people.

TV Boycott is actively monitoring national and local programming throughout the country and recording the products and services advertised during the broadcasts. A boycott list is posted on The public will then be invited to demonstrate their solidarity with the boycott by notifying those identified on the contact list.

Democracy can flourish only when people have access to reliable unfiltered information. The networks have an obligation to present unbiased balanced news coverage because of their free access to the public airwaves. If you feel like you've done all you can do and your voice is still not being heard find out more about TV Boycott.

ABOUT TV Boycott

TV Boycott is an association of people trying to make a difference. At the local level groups operate independently and have a variety of events. Using local boycotts, direct action, community building and the local production of tv free culture. At the national level we are developing campaigns to change the content of television. For more information please visit the web site at

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