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Shades of Qur an For ALL: Bridge of Resistance

TwoTowers of USterror in Palestine/Israel & in Colombia/Ecuador/Venezuela. A great evil unfolds to rise out of the ashes and charred bones of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. The Tower of Iraq burns across the Arab and Islamic world, an unmistakable call to Jihadi Warriors. Bush opens gateway to hell. Babylon is burning.
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GOOD ON Former CIA director James Woolsey (and PNAC drone) claims that the War against Iraq is the beginning of World War IV. If you need any proof, this assertion is evidence that these fuckers are mad, drunk with their arrogance and power. They are the New Nazis in everything but name.

-- All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was only vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.
— Lawrence of Arabia, Seven Pillars of Wisdom
In The Shade of the Qur an All are Protected
Messenger of the Wind: “The USA Acts Like a GOD”

The Muslim cleric pointed a finger at the United States for launching a fierce war against Islam and its believers and showing an interest “to be a god worshipped away from Allah”.
“The U.S administration wants to maintain a grip and keep an eye on everything in an attempt to be a god” Al-Qaradawi repeated, “In this perspective, we refuse, resist and disbelieve these invading powers.”
“Those Who Die Fighting U.S. Occupation Forces Are Martyrs.”

Most amerikans deserve to die. This isn’t a desire or a choice. It’s not a recommendation. It is a fact, the truth, the cure. A build up of societal problems followed by a military expansion leads to a putrid decadence and soon the dark ages. This is the way the world works and the way it has to be, this time around at least.

The obese waste and criminal consumption behavior of amerikans is grounds enough for the real God or anyone to exterminate this genetic and social experiment gone terribly awry. Never before has such a debased and evil culture of excessive individualism and a callous disregard for all other living things sunk its tendril so deep into the soul of a people or the heart of humanity. Connections with nature and fellow human beings have been replaced with a high-tech-glossy-consumerist culture and a mentality of infinite hedonism driven by obsession for an escape from pain at any cost.

If the current madness of the US and its people in premeditated massacres in Afghanistan, Colombia, Palestine and Iraq was the only blot on the history of the US one might be inclined to help this sad country of once humble immigrants. The US has a long history of genocide and provoking war for its own benefit. The presence of US infidel troops in Saudi Arabia, which is forbidden in the Qur an, and the withdrawl of the US from almost every international organization have become their path to certain doom. People cannot hide behind their bizarre addictions to drugs and legal pharmaceuticals anymore. Someone or something has to arrest, quarantine and treat these sick people.

The Two Towers of US diplomatic terror have long been in Palestine/Israel and in Colombia/Ecuador/Venezuela. Now a greater evil unfolds to rise out of the ashes and charred bones of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. The Tower of Iraq burns across the Arab and Islamic world, an unmistakable call to Jihadi Warriors. Bush has opened the gateway to hell. Babylon is burning.

“The USA Acts Like A God”
Why does the US feel it can do whatever it wants, wherever it wants with no regard for the majority of the world? Wrapped in magnanimous delusions, a Manifest Destiny, US people imagine they are perfectly right and that no retribution is due or inevitable.

The US ability to get away with consuming 5 times their share of the earth’s resources while polluting 6 times their share of toxic waste has lulled them into a Fool’s complacency. Not even the - 911 Warning - put the message across loud enough :
Stop, Look, Listen, Learn. Neither have all the lies of Bush about the war in Iraq: that Saddam was a threat, that he had terrible weapons or that his people would never fight for him. The US sells half of the world’s weapons and consumes almost two thirds of its military and security budget. No other country has intervened in or manipulated so many others and with such awful results as has the US. Like a spoiled child it wants its SUVs and the world’s adoration all of the time and without question or even communication. Oblivious to jealousy, envy, and the hate that the US designs through its policies, the US struts over others like a God, Only a Mad God would be so pompous and naïve.

What Do You Do With A Mad God?
Bin Laden and Al Qaeda know what to do because they have a great philosopher at their roots: Sayyid Qutb, the author of major studies of the Qur an, and the two books most influencial on Al Qaeda and their related networks, Milestones and In the Shade of the Qur an (Fi Zalal al-Koran). He wrote that all over the world, humans had reached a moment of unbearable crisis. The human race, especially the West, had lost touch with its human nature: man was miserable, anxious and skeptical (without faith) and humanity was sinking into idiocy, insanity and crime. These lead to degenerate sexuality, drug abuse and existentialism.

Sayyid Qutb saw the drive by the West to eliminate fundamentalist Islam as rooted in the West’s dire need to mask the inferiority and degeneration (the death) of their own religious practices. The power and purity of a living Islam could not be tolerated by the West or the corrupt leaders of many Moslem nations. Qutb saw a new vanguard of holy martyrs, like the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings be upon him), arising to open people’s eyes and take Islam to the world. He promised perfection under Shariah law and a new utopia for all. The bravery and perfection of Al Qaeda’s attacks have made bin Laden the greatest hero of the Middle and Near East in centuries. Many Islamic councils have promoted Bin Laden and recognized that they were wrong not to condemn Mr. Bush sooner.

The weakness of the elite in the US and the West lies in their killing of their Gods
-- through the separation of church and state, consumerism
and the end of purpose and morality.

The weakness of the revolutionary forces in the west lies in their poor understanding of people, human nature, the inherent insanity of Western culture and ignorance about bin Laden’s jihad. Al Qaeda used Bush Sr, Bill Clinton and Mr. Bush Jr. more than the other way around. If you are opposed to a resurgent fundamentalist Islam then you don’t understand the nature of this current crisis and you don’t fathom the depravity of your own failed culture. You are idiots! and trapped in a terrible fear. We are in a world revolution and near the final battle of humanity. If all forces opposed to the US and elite domination unite then victory will be swift and sweet. Fail to unite and much greater suffering will occur. Our children’s inheritance will be deformed and humanity will be held back for decades.

As Paul Berman stated in the New York Times Magazine (March 23, 2003) [There] is no answer to the terrorists. The terrorists speak insanely of deep things. The anti-terrorists better speak sanely of equally deep things… Who will defend liberal principles in spite of liberal society’s every failure? George W. Bush in his speech a few days after Sept.11, 2001, attacks announced that he was going to wage a war of ideas. He has done no such thing. He is not the man for that…one more worry, on top of all of the others, and possibly the greatest of all. [end Berman]
Look at all of the lies that Bush has told about Iraq and how the people there would not fight for Saddam. Look at the chaos of the international rule of law that Bush has created. Bush runs from ideas, reason and truth. Bin Laden’s sun is nearing its zenith while Bush and the West are sinking into a cesspool of base emotions: hate, shock, mass murder solely for revenge and glory.
Bin Laden Was Right, 'Bin Bush Must be Stopped' reads the headline of the Egyptian weekly magazine Al-Musawwar. The Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Assembly, the country's supreme Shari'ah interpreter, states that all Muslims must now consider Usamah Bin Laden a "Muslim Mujahid" freedom fighter and President George "Bin Bush" the son a terrorist who "must be stopped immediately and by all methods".

Since the principal enemy is George Bush, the son, who fanned this sedition and is propelling this terrorist campaign--despite the opposition of the Security Council and in explicit contravention of the religion he adopts and all religions--can any Muslim alim (scholar) after this war, wherever he may be on earth and whatever theological or ideological school he may follow, make a fatwa which does not recognize that Bush, the son, his administration, soldiers, and aides of any nationality are terrorists?
When we say that USA adherence to religion has become questionable, we use a quieter phrase than the Shari'ah verdict of Imam Ibn Taymiyah. Apostasy is punishable by death. Can any Muslim, from the moment Iraq was hit, issue a fatwa, interpreted unanimously by classical theologians, which does not state that Bin Laden--who is waging jihad against the US--is a Muslim Mujahid against those who have attacked the lands of the Muslims? Bin Laden always proclaimed his opposition to the presence of foreign troops on Islamic land because of the suspicion that their presence is damaging to the lands of the Muslims and to the Muslims themselves. The Islamic scholars who had a predominant disposition to assume good will, thought that the presence of American forces would be alright if it did not constitute harm to the Muslims, and that their presence would not hurt as long as there are some Islamic rulers who accept being under the protection of foreigners.

But the light of dawn became obvious to everyone with eyes, after it was seen that the presence of these American forces was intended for illegitimate, un-religious, and un-Shari'ah intervention, and for spilling the blood of civilians in every neighboring Muslim country. The USA wages illegal war despite the insistent call by Arab wise men, especially Husni Mubarak and Shaykh Zayid bin Sultan to let bygones be and move forward to a future of Arab solidarity and Islamic fraternity. Solidarity and Islamic fraternity are the best guarantee for security, and are better than seeking security through the protection of foreigners, apostates and infidels.
The wound of this US aggression will remain deep in the minds of the Iraqi people, always spurring them to secure their borders by annexing the territories from which the aggression sprang against it, so that this terrorist war will not recur. These are Bin Laden's motives in rejecting the presence of infidel forces on Arab land. The motives of Bush, the son, appear laughable. This GW Bush neo-terrorism stumbles on its own arguments. It says Iraq threatens its neighbors. The truth, being that Iraq threatens Israel and Israel is the one that threatens its neighbors and possesses weapons of mass destruction.
The neo-terrorist GW Bush appears, with thin, transparent, tragicomic and provocative motives and justifications. This requires every person with a living human conscience to wage Jihad against this terrorist and protect humanity from him with everything he has. This is the Jihad led by peace-loving forces in France, Germany, Russia, China and all other world countries, even in the United States and Britain. Hence all Arabs and Muslims and all individuals of alert conscience and peace- and security-loving minds have to stop this terrorist immediately and by all methods. Mr. Bush is a terrorist who threatens the security of the whole world to the core.
US aggression has given legitimacy to Bin Laden and will make Bin Laden a prototype that will be repeated in 1,400 million copies. Mr. Bush, the son, will by his acts of terrorism inflict damage on everything American.

Dr. Abd-al-Muti Bayuimi, praises the Vatican's Pope for hastening to condemn the US attack on Iraq and says that Al-Azhar, too, made it mandatory for every Muslim to wage Jihad against this US terrorist campaign on the basis of the Shari'ah rule that if an enemy lands in an Islamic land it becomes a fard ain (compulsory religious duty) on every Muslim to wage Jihad against that enemy". Dr. Bayumi is one of the "moderate" members of the 26-member assembly, regarded under Egyptian law as the highest Islamic theology body in the country, and which, according to Al-Muawawwar, is the most comprehensive forum of Muslim scholars in the world. The Fatwa was issued specifically under the instructions of Al-Azhar's Grand Shaykh, Muhammad Sayid Tantawi.

Jihad was ordained in Islam for two principal objectives, defending religion, homeland, self, possessions, and everything Allah has ordered us to defend. The second is to support those unjustly coming under aggression. In this case, Islam orders not only Muslims, but all people to cooperate with the one treated unjustly until he regains his rights. As for terrorism, the difference between Jihad and terrorism is like the difference between heaven and earth. They are opposites that never meet. Terrorism is aggression, injustice, oppression, killing and occupation of the territories of others. The shades of Jihad are many. They include telling the truth and rejecting lies. The proof for this is the saying by the Prophet, Allah's peace and prayers be upon him, that 'the best Jihad is saying a word of truth to a tyrant Sultan [Bush, the son].' There are many different types and forms of Jihad. These include offering oneself, money, or saying a world of truth, and whatever leads to removing injustice.
Al-Musawwar's Editor, Makram Muhammad Ahmad, warns that the war which Mr. Bush started lacks any sane objective, unless those who planned it aim at widening global hatred for everything that is American and infuriating the downtrodden to the point where they would have no option except spreading terrorism everywhere and creating a separation between Islam and Christianity.


The Mad God Bush – The USA will fall terribly. What will become of the West? Does any group or any writer there have any uncorrupted ideas?

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English translation of the Arabic-language article in "Al-Musawwar" (Cairo) dated 28 March 2003, page 61, via eurasia-geopolitics
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5.)). 'West is failing Afghans' Kabul: Pace of reconstruction 'frustrating' says military chief. As American missiles pound Baghdad, a US general has accused the West of failing to do enough to rebuild the last country visited by Mr. Bush's military – Afghanistan. Widespread fury in the international community over the US invasion, coupled with concern that the onslaught began before preparations had been made for a certain humanitarian crisis. Similar reports in Kurdistan.

6.)). The self-defense 911 bombings of New York and Washington DC were the greatest artistic performance in modern history. Like the sacking of Rome, the Fall of Saigon and Custer’s Last Stand, these echoes inspire warriors everywhere. Time stands still. 911 combined the white magic of the cinemascape with the black magic of righteous terrorism. 911 combined the white light of creative expression with the black light of a destructive martyrdom. 911 erased all of the stories of the world. The thousand points of light and George Bush Sr.’s City on a Hill are obliterated and forever dead. Never again will people anywhere fall for such beguilements, the wicked entrancement of a sucker’s story.
7.)). - ''Yes, Saddam kills anyone who is against him. But I love him. He is going to liberate his country, and then he will liberate our country. He kills people because they are collaborators. ''It is a phenomenon of the street that people eavesdrop on conversations and contribute comments. When people agree as broadly as they currently do about Hussein, conversationalists compete with superlatives. So it was in the hardware shop, where Muhyi Kalboneh, 36, a construction worker, summarized the greatness of the Iraqi leader's glory. ''In the past 800 years, we have had only three real leaders,'' Kalboneh said, naming Saladin, the Kurdish warrior who drove the crusaders from Jerusalem in 1187; Gamal Abdel Nasser, who led the pan-Arabic movement in the 1950s and '60s; and Hussein. Abed Taktouk, 20, manager of a music shop just off the lane into the dim, low-ceilinged labyrinth of the casbah, said ''Saddam is a hero -- the only hero,'' because of his steadfast support for the Palestinian cause. Taktouk, a member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades lost his right arm when Israeli troops and Palestinian militants battled here last spring. He never got a new hand because of sanctions. “Because I am Palestinian, Saddam gave me $3,500.'' Still, Taktouk reconsidered his ''only hero'' statement. Osama bin Laden, he said, ''is on the same level. headlines03/0321-02.htm
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Arabs in France Praise Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein
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10.)). Lebanese children chant 'Death to America' in Hezbollah-led protest
by Canadian Press 10:24pm Thu Mar 27 '03 (Modified on 10:09am Fri Mar 28 '03)
Thousands of Palestinians also marched on the West Bank of the Jordan River and in the Gaza Strip, urging Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to attack Israel with chemical weapons. --

11.)). From Guantanamo Bay, Kundoz, Shatilla, the Bay of Pigs, the prisons of Pinochet and the Shah, Colombia’s mass-gravesites, the US-John McCain-bombed hospitals of Hanoi, the killing-fields of Central America and a narrow strip of Palestinian existence and death in Gaza, … spirits soar. We man the cockpit of your guilt. We are coming. YOU are without hope. … This is our story…
12.)). US miscalculation changes Saddam from devil to hero 30 Mar 03,12239,925732,00.html
Shia clerics in Najaf, Beirut and Qum in Iran have all issued fatwas prohibiting co-operation with British and American forces, which they describe as acts of treason. The fatwas also regard actively fighting the allied forces as a moral and religious duty. In practical terms, this will prevent a split in the ranks of the Iraqi military and prevent the mass surrender of troops. The fatwas will also guarantee against the revolt of the Shias of Iraq, who have been considered so far as Saddam's most dedicated enemies, and will mean that the Shias will not dance in the streets at the sight of American troops.
In recent days, a fatwa signed by five senior Shiite clerics called on followers to remain loyal to the government and submissive in a time of war. Shiites, who make up about 60 per cent of Iraq's 23 million people, have been handed a role crucial to Saddam's staying power, with British forces besieging Basra and U.S. forces farther north at or around two other Shiite centres, Najaf and Karbala. "Don't succumb to the devil's temptation and rush into aggressive actions to satisfy personal grudges or achieve illegal gains," said the decree, which was posted at Kadhimiya, the most sacred shrine for Shiites in Baghdad.
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A. Roy wrote at
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U.S. Soldiers get Stoned, Reuters:Turkish villagers showered U.S. soldiers with eggs and stones on Saturday when they arrived to recover pieces of a Tomahawk cruise missile which came down in eastern Turkey on Friday. Scores of people in Urfa province set upon four jeeps carrying some 10 American soldiers, breaking windows and shouting slogans against the U.S.-led war in neighbouring Iraq, Anatolian news agency reported. Turks shower U.S. soldiers with eggs, stones
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