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eAction against the freepers

call to give the freepers a taste
lots of us on other imc's are calling for an eAction against the freepers.

if you don't know, they're the pro-war people who show up to heckle at our rallies and troll our message boards. A few minutes on their forum would prove as much.

more info and arguments for and against an action here:

by far the worst thing the freepers do is flood any online poll that has to do with war. by deleting cookies after every vote, they vote enough times to make it look like a landslide in their favor. The media then broadcast those polls and the american sheople think it's a good idea to kill.

if you doubt any of this check here:

also check out their forum at

they take pride in being a thorn in the side of the peace movement.

the last straw for me was what they've been posting about Rachel Corrie.

i say it's time to let them know their disruption will not go unchallenged


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