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Bikes against the war!! Friday 5pm

Bikes against the war! Friday March 28 in Baltimore 5:00pm
This Friday, as American forces bomb thousands of civilians to exert
dominance over Iraq and secure its oil to fill our gas tanks, bring your
bike to downtown Baltimore to say NO BLOOD FOR OIL.

We will send a clear message that we will not fill continue to fill our
tanks while thousands are dying in a war waged by our government--a war of
aggression, an illegal war, a useless war.

Meet at the plaza (aka ground zero) at Charles and Redwood Streets in
downtown Baltimore at 5:00 PM this Friday (March 28).

Bring your bike, signs and noisemakers, and maybe a little water.

The ride will leave between 5:30 and 6PM.

All levels of experience/ fitness are welcome--note that this is not a
permitted protest.


On the last Friday of every month, hundreds of cities around the world are
taken over by bikes in an event known as critical mass. This is no
recreational ride by rich old guys in spandex‹it1s equal parts protest and
celebration undertaken by bicycle riders of every type.

The protest is against a car culture which has made us dependant on fossil
fuels, makes our air poisonous, and has all but destroyed the once
tight-knit communities of our cities. The celebration is of another
culture, which values community and the environment, which favors bicycles,
walking, and public transit over cars.

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