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Three ways to genocide!

1. Genocide by bombing war
2. Genocide by starvation
3. Genocide by massacre
All without molestation of the free press because only Pentagon friendly reporters will write stories about the american heroes.
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1. Genocide by bombing war
Although the dissembling U.S. military is permanently promoting their clean precision bombs which should overcome criticism by their elegant surgical interventions and thus suggest to citizens a clean war, the facts show a contrary image. Even the U.S. propaganda-station CNN had to grant this established fact. In 1991 Iraq was bombarded with 56.000 tons of explosives. 70 percent of these bombs lost their targets and killed many innocent people.
The bombs which did not lose their targets, destroyed waterworks, river dams, electric power plants and factories for water filter equipment. It was a war against the collective infrastructure and thus a war against a defenceless civil population. The result was starvation, disease and death for thousand of innocents and continues today.
The stated aim of U.S. chief of staff Myers to cover Iraq with an unprecedented carpet of bombs proves the absolute determination of the U.S. administration to pursue their geo-strategic interests by committing further genocide.

2. Genocide by starvation
At the insistence of the George Bush Senior administration Iraq was sanctioned by UNO. These sanctions resulted in indescribable suffering of the civil population and millions of deaths. These sanctions have only served to strenghten the Hussein regime. Because these sanctions were imposed on a civil population and permanently violate the Law of Nations and the Geneva Convention.
These 'food for oil' sanctions affect 70 percent of the Iraqi people - some 16 Million in number - and cause them to rely solely on the supply of foodstuffs by Saddam Hussein!
These people have been pressed into the arms of this dictatorship.
The moment Bush starts his attack this system will break down and if the war lasts only two weeks at least 180.000 malnourished children will surely die and 1.300.000 debilitated children will be threatened with dearth and contagions.
No aid will be forthcoming from the U.S. military because they will be busy enough tending to the needs of 380.000 soldiers and in their limitless arrogance this administration will be employed with the arrangement of orders to U.S. companies to assure an early oil production. For good reasons there is no attempt to publicize these arrangements because if this scenario became public the drudgingly generated bellicosity of the U.S. citizens would fall off.

3. Genocide by massacre
A war of extermination always targets cities. To eliminate a regime by an endless bombing of cities is not really helpful. The history of the bombing war against German cities proved that maltreating citizens only causes them to rely on the dictatorship more strongly and even though Berlin was only debris and ashes, it still has required weeks to fall to the Russians. This will happen again in Bagdad because a regime is threatened with an inescapable vitiation and if the capital city is fallen the life is forfeited.
That inevitably means house-to-house fighting. Eye to eye. But house-to-house fighting results in a permanent decease of American soldiers and calling for aid would keep the men busy in such a way that reasonable progress would be impossible. Without a considered opinion it is hard to die. Recalling Mogadishu in Somalia, U.S. special forces were tragically failed with about 20 soldiers killed during the capture of a small dictator in a small district resulting in the death of 1000 Africans.
Baghdad has a related topology and had a population of 4.340.000 in 1995 and is presently estimated to have 7.000.000 citizens. So the city is comparable in size to Los Angeles and in population to Los Angeles and Chicago combined. Rumsleld and his military are aware of these facts so he has developed two inhuman strategies.

The realization of the american dream to make weapons of mass destruction applicable again (without decades of consequential damages) and detonating the newly developed 'Massive Ordnance Air-Burst Bomb' preemptively in Baghdad will presumbably force the regime to surrender by using the example of Hiroshima. It will have the additional effect of issuing an unequivocal severe warning against the rest of the world. This would bring instantaneous death to at least 50.000 humans. The desire of the for such tactics is strong because as early as the Korean war and Vietnam the U.S. was on the brink of using nuclear weapons.

In order to protect U.S. mercenaries from damage the city will be massively bombed for days. Also the electricity and water supply will be closed in on and destroyed up to the Tigris to avert access to water. Then the waiting begins for the people die of thirst and to starve. The example in history is called Leningrad which Hitler besieged for 900 days. During this time over a million people were famished and froze to death. But Rumsfeld knows that the primary concealed weapon in Bagdad is the thirst. Accordingly, the Pentagon calculates a maximum 3 week siege. This will make it easy for the media to market because the people will be dying quietly outside of camera range and the U.S. cannot be directly associated with this genocide. As to any massacres that occur, the U.S. administration has given the sole responsibility to Iraqi soldiers even before the war begins by sources inside the Pentagon announcing that guards of Saddam Hussein have arranged to massacre their own citizens disguised in U.S. uniforms to discredit American troops. "The Show of good guys and bad guys must go on"

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