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A little movie called "October Surprise" - about the U.S. coup d'etat of 1980 by the CIA, the Mossad, and the media-money monopoly - has gotten the FBI (Foolish Bureau of Intimidation) rather nervous. Gee, I wonder why?
Since the CIA-Mossad's attempt to subvert production and distribution of "October Surprise" has failed, the Feds have inferred that "dumpster diving" could be interpreted as an illegal "act of espionage" in yet another attempt to frame lawful citizens who report "our" government's crimes.

Rather amusing, since the information aquired regarding the October Surprise of 1980, the assassination of JFK and numerous others, and all related history was derived from other sources anyway.

This movie is a drama based on historical facts:



"A couple of dumpster divers find a notebook computer with evidence of the CIA and other fellas having conspired to steal the 1980 presidential election from Jimmy Carter by arranging for the 52 hostages to be held by Khomeini's regime in Iran. A strange woman claims the computer belongs to her ex-boss - an assassinated journalist. The evidence leads to darker secrets, including the reasons for JFK's assassination. They attempt to make the facts public, but that gets 'em in big trouble with spooky fellas who don't want the truth revealed...."


"There are numerous low risk techniques available to compromise information. "Dumpster diving" describes a simple but all too effective technique where an operative goes through your trash to obtain sensitive information not properly disposed of.

"Commercially available listening devices as simple as a police scanner can be used to tune in to the frequency of a wireless microphone being used in the corporate boardroom from several miles away.

"The variety of techniques known collectively as "social engineering" have been used by clandestine operators from time immemorial.

"Conversational elicitation of information from unwitting personnel via telephone or face to face at conferences and trade shows has proved a sure and safe method of gaining information without detection.

"Other techniques require more elaborate preparation and technical know how such as gaining access to cache chips on certain fax and photocopying machines which have the capacity to digitally store hundreds of pages of documents.

"Laptop computers are frequent targets for theft or intrusion because of the vast amount of information they hold. These and other techniques can provide intelligence services and terrorist organizations with information about your organization which may be used to its detriment."

"As part of its national security mission, the FBI has been providing awareness information to reduce the vulnerability of United States persons, corporations and institutions to intelligence and terrorist activities since the early 1970's [COINTELPRO]. The initial focus of this program was the protection of classified government information, property and personnel.

"In the 1990's, foreign intelligence services expanded their targeting to include private sector proprietary economic information.

"This fact when coupled to an increase of terrorist attacks on non-government entities [criminal corporations] made it critical for the FBI awareness message reach a broader audience. The serious problem of computer intrusion and the costly menace of the computer virus required that awareness on these topics be received in a timely fashion to prevent damage and loss.

"The Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) Program is the FBI's National Security Awareness Program.

"ANSIR disseminates unclassified national security threat and warning information to U.S. Corporations, law enforcement and other government agencies [not to lawful citizens].

"ANSIR E-mail provides this information at no charge to any interested person meeting the subscription prerequisites [must be a terrorist for "our" government].

"In addition to making potential targets of intelligence and terrorist activities less vulnerable through awareness, the FBI has a unique response capability to act when these activities are identified. The FBI does more than simply identify problems; it does something about them [makes them worse and more "profitable" for the death-industrial complex].

"National Security Begins with You

"Up to $500,000 Reward for Stopping Espionage

"An amendment to Title 18, USC, Section 3071, recently enacted, authorizes the Attorney General to make payment for information of espionage activity in any country which leads to the arrest and conviction of any person(s):
1....for commission of an act of espionage against the United States;
2....for conspiring or attempting to commit an act of espionage against the United States;
3....or which leads to the prevention or frustration of an act of espionage against the United States.

"To report suspected intelligence or terrorism activity telephone the ANSIR Coordinator at the FBI Field Office nearest you."

Actually, I already reported "intelligence" and terrorist activity to the FBI a while ago, including facts regarding who's responsible for the 9-11 hoax, but they had no interest in doing anything to provide security for American citizens nor anyone who's not a transnational white-collar terrorist.

How much of the FBI is bribed & blackmailed?

They're offering $500,000 for "information", but why wouldn't any citizen interested in lawful defense provide real information as a matter of personal and social responsibility?

I might consider accepting $500,000 silver dollars (not the Federal Reserve Corporation's debt-dollars) as a reward for exposing the espionage, terrorism, fraud and treason of the CIA, Mossad, ADL, Federal Reserve Bank, Rothschilds & associates. But it's the responsibility of all citizens and police to enforce the law without bribes from banksters.

You've got my address!


PS: And thanks for hacking my computer once again, silly spooks, providing yet more evidence of your crimes.

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