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An answer to Rush Limbaugh

An answer to Rush Limbaugh is alive and well in Arizona and we need her now! Rush is on 3 hours a day telling ignorant americans that saddam is going to put a suitcase bomb in their backyard!
I just wanted to let everyone know that an answer to rush is already alive and well in Arizona! I just started listening to and she is fantastic. She reads the news that we all need to hear and then tells it like it is. This is her third year on the net, probably inspired by that phony "selection". Here is a list of guests she has had...Vincent Bugliosi, Kucinich, Howard Lyman, John Robbins, Dr. Neil Solomon, Greg Palast, Dr. Arun Gandhi, Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed, Matthew Rothschild, Will Pitt, Danny Schechter, Jennifer Van Bergen, Mark Karlin, Charles M Kelly, John Nichols.

It is so refreshing to hear someone speak up about the real shit that's going down. We need to wake up America now, tell your friends, listen to the show with your parents, discuss the real news to wake people up NOW!

The democrats are trying to start a network to answer Rush Limbaugh and we need to get started on it ASAP! We need it now more than ever!!! It aint getting better any time soon.....oh man.....two more years........and then who is going to make sure the voting machines aren't rigged? Do you ever feel like the repubs have taken a 'shock and awe' policy bombardment on us innocent americans? ahhhh too much at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you like meria, please send an email to:

and let them know! and tell them to get on it! Rush Limbaugh is on 3 hours a day convincing ignorant americans that Saddam is going to put a suitcase bomb in their backyard.

thanks for listening
peace and love

free music anyone?
"Wake up" songs

Thanks Paris and DaveyD!

The Shadow Song- thanks Jim!

A Peaceful Revolution is possible if we could just wake people up to the bogus propaganda they're being spoonfed by the mainstream press.

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