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Bush Daddy Hunt

The hunt is on
My Daddy said that it has become the norm for an article like "Bush Daddy Terror"(236703) to end up the posting under a different title like "Terror America Style"(238771) as the newly-manifested terror reveals how the dummkopf Nazis of Bush Daddy Tribe react like hunted quarry. The dummkopf Nazis of BDT probably feel that having a "fedya guvmint thug" shadowing an Anthrax-laced passenger and using this passenger as a "weapon" is a prime example of the newfangled "assassination squads" of the New World Order(27490, 226737, & 231491). Since anyone who confronted the poisonous passenger would also have to deal with the "fedya guvmint thug" and the dummkopf Nazis that supported them, it would be hard to address the situation without several people acting from different directions. The disablement of dummkopf Nazis as discussed in the last article also may not be the best recourse for non-Nazis, since non-Nazis would probably be killed immediately. When my perpetual censor on Urbana-Champaign IMC, "ML" surfaced again, I asked him to confirm if he was the Ithaca High School wrestling star, Mike Lehman, who was convicted of a hate crime in Slaterville apparently by the same poopheads who had me unlawfully imprisoned for 15 months(25099). If he was being suckered into committing computer crimes for the dummkopf Nazis, I suggested that he bring his blade and save the depraved(52651). Since the dummkopf Nazi Israelite-wannabes have bragged about committing crimes punishable by death, the idea was for them to become Israelites by dying by the blade as Sarah and Jennifer did(Ez. 39:23; 37:11-13; 93509). The problem is that the dummkopf Nazis of BDT do not believe that they have done anything worthy of death because "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It"(41739); thus the deaths of numerous dummkopf Nazis is the only thing that will make the blade or Hooterville seem like feasible alternatives(29190). Hopefully the "fishermen" have helped to gather a fine "crop" of dummkopf Nazis of BDT(179472), even if the dummkopfs merely acknowledged their murderous activities with a nod of the head(Jer. 16:16; 98219). In addition to confessing to the malicious use of chemicals, medications, and electroconvulsive therapy that BDT contends are harmless, their confessing to intentionally exposing anyone to defective microwaves or microwave lasers is another lethal practice that is punishable by death. Now is the time for the "hunters" to hunt them down, and "the dead bodies of men will be like refuse on the open field...with no one to gather them"(Jer. 9:22). Those who try to gather them will probably also be killed. Then the remaining dummkopf Nazis of BDT should acknowledge the error of their ways; i.e. that the dummkopf Nazis are better off going to Hooterville and/or dying like Israelites as Sarah and Jennifer did. If you bag Bush Daddy in this hunt, be sure to save the body, for it will be the main attraction of "Bush Daddy Finale"(198448). So that the fool will be called noble no more(Is. 32:5), the hunt is on. The Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that this is true.

PS: 2/22/03 Microwaves are part of the radio-frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, having wavelength longer than visible light. Research on the physiological effects of microwaves probably came out of Hitler's death camps. The dummkopf Nazis are probably the ones who are saying that more research is needed; thus Ithaca is constantly bombarded with radiation from the Eagle and other sources, TV and radio reception is nil most of the time, and BDT would love to get you to get you in a bed where they could microwave your head while you were sleeping. Many Alzheimers patients have probably literally had their brains fried, and such frying probably results in the characteristic nerve tangles of Alzheimers(143109). Damage to the sight and hearing is probably also caused by microwaves(Is. 6:10).

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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