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The Animal and Earth Liberation Front - MORE! UPDATES FROM THE FRONTLINES!

The Relentless Determination of those Volunteers from the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts Continue into the New Year!!! What follows are some highlights of actions and information taken from various websites.
Animal & Earth Liberation Fronts Continue the Fight
To Liberate the Earth and Animals!

As laws continue fail to protect the earth and animals, courageous people carry on putting their freedom on the line to fight back and liberate. For 30 years (ranging from minor sabotage to arsons from undercover investigations to large-scale liberations) the Animal Liberation Front, and its younger sister the Earth Liberation Front, continue to apply pressure against governments and businesses that are profiting from the selfish, brutal exploitation of animals and the earth. Tens of thousands of actions have taken place around the world yet NO HUMAN OR ANIMAL WAS EVER INJURED OR KILLED IN AN ACTION CLAIMED BY THE ALF/ELF.

To find out more about the A.L.F. -
And for the Earth Liberation Front -

(The following information was taken from the Arkangel website (
– a publication produced in England.)


Dec. 2002 England.
During the hours of New Years Eve and well into the following morning members of the Animal Liberation Front broke into Norfolk Cottage Eggs on Magna Rd, Canford Magna, Bournemouth England and took away over 600 battery hens.

We entered the unit via the roof after removing a corrugated panel and, using improvised ladders transported the hens in sacks out and away across adjacent fields to waiting vehicles. Before we left we caused damage and sprayed the walls with appropriate messages.

The whole operation had been planned for weeks and was executed with precision and compassion by the 12 strong team who gained valuable experience and are already planning further raids.

The battery cage system of exploitation is cruel and politicians now agree and so it will be banned in 2012 in Europe. We say civilized societies shouldn't engage in deliberate cruelty and should remove these wild birds from the cages now. Cruel farmers have no defense and should be aware we won't tolerate their outdated ways.

Those farmers who think they have another 9 years to change their ways ought to see what we did on New Years Eve. There is no excuse for animal abuse.


Dec. 2002 Wales

In the early hours of Saturday morning, 21st December, the Animal Liberation Front raided a Sun Valley turkey supplier saving the lives of 84 turkeys. The turkey farm
in Wales houses thousands of turkeys in crowded windowless sheds. Most of the turkeys were covered in sores and were generally of ill health. Disease is rife and the only freedom is death or liberation. Activists gained entry to one shed by breaking through a roof and unlocking the door to a storeroom. Then the wall to the sheds was smashed through and the activists climbed into the huge sheds. The turkeys were then boxed, carried across three fields, loaded into transit vans and driven to safety. For many animals Christmas means torture. At least this Christmas 84 turkeys have been rehomed to
peacefully live out their natural lives.


Dec.2002 England

Animal rights activists look to be the prime suspects following a night of fires and desecration in Stocking Pelham. "Fox killers" was scrawled in red paint over the
village church and a nearby animal feed business — which supplies the Puckeridge Hunt — was razed to the ground in a £250,000 suspect blaze during the early hours of Sunday.

Police and fire experts have launched an inquiry into what happened just days after the Puckeridge Hunt's Boxing Day meet at Brent Pelham. "It's being treated as suspicious at this stage," said a Herts police spokeswoman. "We are investigating a possible link with an anti-hunt slogan that was daubed on a nearby church

Jan. 2003 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
The EARTH LIBERATION FRONT has taken credit for its first action of 2003 with the destruction of several SUVS at a Pennsylvania auto dealership. A communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c), received by the ELF Press Office, Thursday, claimed an attack on SUVs at the Bob Ferrando Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealership in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the destruction of the natural environment. In North America alone since 1997, the ELF has caused over $45 million in damages to entities who profit from the destruction of life.

Communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c) follows:

At 5:30AM on January 1, 2003, the Earth Liberation Front attacked several SUV's at Bob Ferrando Ford Lincoln Mercury in Erie, Pennsylvania. At least four vehicles were entirely destroyed and several others sustained heavy damage, costing an estimated $90,000.

Despite decades of popular environmental activism, the mainstream environmental movement, which began arguably in the early 1960s, has failed in its attempts to bring about the protection needed to stop the destruction of life on this planet. In many ways, it has served only to accelerate this destruction. It's occasional "victories", reforms or small
concessions, have fostered hope in a means of social change that has proven unable to produce tangible protection of life, time after time.

By focusing it's energy on temporary "solutions", they have altogether ignored the roots of the problem at hand. Western civilization, with it's throw away conveniences, it's status symbols, and it's unfathomable hoards of financial wealth, is unsustainable, and comes at a price. It's pathological decadence, fueled by brutality and oceans of bloodshed, is quickly devouring all life and undermining the very life support systems we all need to survive. The quality of our air, water, and soil continues to decrease as more and more life forms on the planet suffer and die as a result. we are in the midst of a global environmental crisis that adversely effects and directly threatens every human, every animal, every plant, and every other life form on the face of the Earth.

There is absolutely no excuse for any one of us, out of greed, to knowingly allow this to continue. There is a direct relationship between our irresponsible over-consumption and lust for luxury products, and the poverty and destruction of other people and the Natural world. By refusing to acknowledge this simple fact, supporting this paradigm with our excessive lifestyles, and failing to offer direct resistance, we make ourselves accomplices in the greatest crime ever committed.

Time is running out - change must come, or eventually all will be lost. A belief in state sanctioned legal means of social change is a sign of faith in the legal system of that same state. We have absolutely no faith in the legal system of the state when it comes to protecting life, as it has repeatedly shown itself to care far more for the protection of commerce and profits than for its people and the natural environment. Clearly, the state itself causes and profits from many of the various atrocities against life that we must struggle against. To place faith in that same state as though it will act in the interests of justice and life is utter foolishness and a grave mistake.

Therefore, the E.L.F. will continue to fight to remove the profit motive from the killing of the natural environment, and to draw public attention to that which is deliberately concealed from them by the forces that control our lives and destroy our home.

We urge our sisters and brothers - let us strive to become the revolutionary force we've always spoken of being, and begin to take the control of our lives out of the hands of those who would destroy us.


Happy New Year Bob Ferrando!


The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal, aboveground news service dedicated to exposing the political and social motives behind the covert direct actions of the underground Earth Liberation Front. The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office receives anonymous communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c)s from the ELF and distributes the message to the media and public.

North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office

January 04, 2003 - Netherlands
Dutch DBF torch chicken slaughterhouse truck.
In the early beginning of new year the DBF torched a truck of chicken slaughterhouse Welling in Schalkhaar. Also this year the DBF will give no peace to animal abusers.

the best form of support is direct action!

December 19, Modena, Italy
The ALF liberates 5 beagles
On December the 19th the ALF entered the house of a doghouse volunteer in Modena to liberate 5 beagle puppies that risked being sent to a lab animal farm. These 5 beagle puppies have been found on November 30 near a doghouse in Modena. Someone called the police, thinking these young beagle s could be part of the 99 beagles liberated on November 21 from Morini farm, a notorious lab breeder in Italy. These 5 dogs had no tattoo, so the judge ordered a DNA analysis to know if they were coming from Morini farm. The dogs were waiting this analysis that could bring them to the Morini hellhole, and kept at the house of a doghouse volunteer. On the night of the 19th someone entered the house through a window, took away the dogs and spray painted "Sorry, ALF".
We also received recently an anonymous communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c) for the following action:
December 19, Galeata , Forlì (Italy)

The ALF liberates minks again
At 6.00 pm of December 19th the ALF entered a mink farm in Galeata , Forlì, to open the cages and free the animals. 100 meters of fence have been opened, and after that the activists have begun opening the cages. It seems many sheds were empty, and the killing had already begun, made clear by pyres of corpses seen burning. Four sheds full of minks have been completely emptied by the activists before the farmer unexpectedly arrived on place (he had never been seen there at that time). The activists had a lookout and could leave the place with no problems. They could not finish the action , but they stated a lot of breeding mothers has been freed, creating surely problems and losses to the farmer. In their communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c) they said graffiti made during a previous action was still visible on place! In fact, in October 2001 the ALF liberated 10.000 minks in that same farm.
We also received the following anonymous communiqu¿1/2¿1/2(c) in these days:
"During the last week of November and the first of December various Shell garages have been sabbed (sabotaged) all around the city of Torino. On December 17 2002 at 10.30 pm the entrance and the bell of Sumitomo in via Cavour 1, Torino, have been glued and painted. A leaflet explaining the reason of the action has been left on place so they all know who their neighbors are!!!
21/12/2002 Sumitomo in Via Cavour 1, Torino, has been visited again, with glue and paint."

January 9, 2003

PHILADELPHIA, PA - In what was likely its final act of 2002, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) has claimed an action in Northeast Philadelphia targeting urban sprawl and the development of "luxury houses". Construction vehicles and a show home were damaged by "long-time residents of Philadelphia... who are tired of seeing the earth destroyed for money".

The letter claiming the action went on to say, "We pray the destruction of developers in Philadelphia/the suburbs is stopped - and that our kids don't grow up in a concrete world, built over ashes of the destroyed earth."

The ELF Press Office received the letter of claim (attached below) via a Philadelphia newspaper. Although the letter does not claim this as an ELF action, graffiti at the housing development site indicates that this was the work of the ELF. This action took place December 28th, 2002.

The Earth Liberation Front is an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the destruction of the natural environment. In North America alone since 1997, the ELF has caused over $45 million in damages to entities who profit from the destruction of life.

Letter to Editor / Media Release

Greetings. Recently, we visited a housing construction site in Northeast Philadelphia, along Rhawn St., to give a Christmas present to the developers. There, what was natural land - and a home for birds, squirrels, deer, etcetera - is now a sprawling pit of mud. Others attempts at stopping this devastation failed; we felt the only thing we could do, and the thing that felt right, was to fight back for those who cant. So we went to the site and attacked construction vehicles however we were able to - glued locks, sugared
gas tanks, disconnected hoses, spray painted vehicles, broke windows. Also we attacked the "sample house" on Rhawn St. - the first house built, to attract buyers. We covered the walls in spray paint, glued locks, and broke many windows.

We are not "terrorists." We are not teenage vandals. We are middle-aged, long-time residents of Philadelphia/the suburbs who are tired of seeing the earth destroyed for money. New housing units (and these are "luxury houses," starting at $200,000) are not needed; tens of thousands of housing units in Philadelphia are vacant, or for sale. There is no excuse for the terrorism of developers, destroying the little bit of natural land left for money.

We will not sign our names, but we want to. If construction is stopped and the woods allowed to grow back, we will turn ourselves in gladly. We pray the destruction of developers in Philadelphia/the suburbs is stopped - and that our kids don't grow up in a concrete world, built over ashes of the destroyed earth.

"Sally and Peter" Philadelphia/suburbs

You can now view several actions by the A.L.F.!
1. Scott Nelson Mink farm raid - Ellsworth, IA 10.16.01 ~ 2000 mink released
2. Marshall Farms Breeders - North Rose, NY 12.05.01 ~ 30 beagles, 10 ferrets liberated
3. Rabbit Breeder - Easter liberation, mid 90's
Visit and go to Bite Back TV.

Excerpt from interview with David Barbarash, ex-press officer for the North American A.L.F. To view full interview visit:

Derrick Jensen: How do you respond to the label you get so often in the corporate press, about being ecoterrorists or animal rights terrorists?

David Barbarash: I completely reject the terrorist label. People who have a vested interest in abusing or killing animals aren’t going to want to understand what the ALF is about, and will try to make sure no one else understands either. So they paint ALF or ELF activists as terrorists. But here’s my question for them: Where’s the body count? Show me the people who’ve died or even been injured as a result of animal liberation actions. Show me even a firefighter injured putting out a blaze caused by the ALF. They can’t, because no one has ever been injured. I’ll tell you what has happened, though. Activists have been bombed. Activists have been shot. I can show you people who’ve been beaten up and put into the hospital at regular fur protests, and people who’ve had all their teeth knocked out with baseball bats. I can tell you about ALF activists who’ve been shot in the back.

DJ: It seems the level of effort that goes into squelching the ALF is often out of scale with the damage—and I’m thinking of the liberations and sabotage—they actually do.

DB: The level of repression is out of scale only if you use a common-sense philosophy of how the world should work. The ALF may not be dangerous in terms of actual damage we cause, although we have caused millions of dollars of damage to industries like fur farming, but we’re very dangerous philosophically. Part of the danger is that we don’t buy into the illusion that property is worth more than life, which is one of the fundamental and generally unstated assumptions of our culture. We bring that insane priority into the light, which is something the system cannot survive.

DJ: What would you hope ALF and ELF actions ultimately lead to?

DB: I’d hope they lead to a larger number of people understanding that it doesn’t take a special person to take action, that anyone can take action, and that we have a moral responsibility and obligation to take action against torture and abuse, whether of humans, nonhumans or our environment. Our planet is being killed, animal species are being killed, and we have a responsibility to stop this killing any way we can.
I would hope that after hearing about the action at Vail, some people would stop and think, "Wow, some people felt strongly enough about the lynx that they burned down five structures thousands of feet up a mountain and got away with it." I would hope a lot of people would be inspired by that, and they would take action on the issues that are close to their own hearts. I would hope that these actions would cause them to stop and think about their own lives. How many people are disgusted by slaughterhouses? If a couple of normal, everyday people can go into a slaughterhouse and remove chickens—give these chickens lives—and in so doing make a strong statement of their opposition to those kinds of horrendous crimes against nature, then anybody can do it.

Excerpt taken from "Dykes for Animal Rights" from the lesbian magazine DIVA

Although she hasn't committed any criminal acts herself, Norma (age 73) is a strong supporter of militant direct-action group the Animal Liberation Front. "Everything will go to them when I die," she says. As a radical feminist, she firmly believes that direct action, such as setting fire to buildings where animal abuse is taking place, is perfectly acceptable. "If I were younger, I'd light the match myself," she says passionately…
Despite the predominantly male-dominated image of animal rights activism, Melanie says that most of the ALF cells she has worked with have been primarily made up of women, who are better at planning and organizing. "Many of the women involved in direct action came from Greenham Common," she says. "In fact, the older women are much more militant than the younger ones."
In 1995 Melanie was sentenced to three and a half years for burning down an abattoir and blowing up 12 meat lorries in Gloucestershire. Friendly, positive and articulate, she is nothing like the violent terrorist the government would have us believe in. In fact, she explains, her actions were not violent. "A building doesn't have a nervous system, therefore it doesn't feel pain, so how can setting fire to it be a violent act?"
She justifies her actions by comparing the struggle to end animal abuse to other civil rights movements. "It is an animal holocaust - no one would complain if the Nazis were put out of a job because their (place of) work was destroyed. We are doing nothing different to what the black or women's movements did - there were arsons, direct action and building destruction as (part of the campaigns for) women getting the vote or blacks being freed from slavery."


Robin Webb, 58, the UK Press Officer for the Animal Liberation Front, has booked numerous speaking engagements around the USA. Mr. Webb is currently barred from returning home to England after he was forced to surrender his passport as part of bail conditions after being arrested at a protest against Huntington Life Sciences laboratory. He is now exercising his right to free speech to applaud the activities of the ALF.
Mr. Webb’s speaking dates are scheduled as follows:

January 12, San Francisco, CA, 8pm - 1884 Market Street

January 19, Long Island, NY, 8pm Witches Brew Caf¿1/2¿1/2(c), 311 Hempstead Tpk.
West Hempstead, Long Island

January 25/26, Washington, D.C., 4:40pm National Conference on Organized Resistance, American U., Ward 2, Ward Circle Building 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW
(Robin Webb, UK press officer for the radical Animal Liberation Front will explain why it is both justifiable and necessary to break the law in pursuit of what he terms "the ultimate liberation struggle", why the news media is not a friend to radical activism and why we will succeed regardless of State oppression.
The Legitimacy of Underground Resistance to Defend Earth in a Post-9/11 World
Rod Coronado: This workshop will be a forum discussion on the realities of repression faced by the Earth and Animal Liberation Front and their supporters since September 11th, 2001 and whether the above ground movements to protect animals and the environment are ready to recognize these two groups as legitimate arms of their struggle. This workshop will also address the corporate media's role in dividing support for illegal action and its labelling of such acts as "terrorism".)

January 30, Philadelphia, PA, 8pm Civic House, 3914 Locust Walk
February 7-9, Texas Specific date, time, and location TBA

He will also speak in Boston and Seattle. Dates are TBA.

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