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Think Peace DVD

Where were you on February 15, 2003? New film looks at modern day Peace Movement.
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The Pumpkinhead Production Company in association with DreamHouse Cinema are pleased to announce the release of their documentary DVD, Think Peace: Portrait of a 21st Century Movement. Filmed at the World Peace Forum held in Vancouver, British Columbia from June 23 - 28, 2006 the film examines the make up and direction of the peace movement in the 21st century.

On February 15th, 2003 the largest protest in human history occurred. Millions of people from all seven continents marched down the street of more than 800 cities to show that they did not support the invasion of Iraq. Yet even at the height of its power the movement was not able to stop the war. What went wrong?

This and other questions are explored in the film as we talk to such diverse people as Hans Blix, Rex Weyler, and Holly Near, among others. With over 40 citizen journalists participating in the project, over 120 hours of footage were captured and distilled into a 55 minute film by director Corey Ogilvie of DreamHouse Cinema.

In order to promote the film and celebrate "the other super power" that arose on February 15, 2003 we ask that you join us in celebrating the 5th Anniversary of this amazing event by declaring that February 15th be know internationally as "Think Peace" Day

A portion of the profits from this project will go to assist the War Resisters Support Campaign in Canada and the Iraq Veterans Against War in the U.S.

For more information go to our website at:
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