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Now and Forever We stand with Israel

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We are now approaching 8 weeks of vigils in front of the Grand lake Theater- now the pro-israel supporters are triple the number of the anti-Israel supporters.
Its been so demoralizing for Bay area Women in Black they've taken to wearing white sage and engaging in purifying rituals. They've even taken a week off to undergo "therapy" to help regain their focus. Oh, those poor things!
In the meanwhile, our numbers have increased expoentially- we've added to our coffers as people press money into our hands and thank us for being there. More importantly, many people,
as part of their weekend ritual, have chosen to stand with us. The young rabbi and his congregation visit us often- they walk past the Bay Area Women in Black and say to them "This is our neighborhood" . Fortunately, the Women in Black are no longer calling the police on him- apparently they were given a strict warning about filing false police reports!

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