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dem ratz 8 L "if" ant shit

dem ratz 8 L 69ant shit
no c/dc red alert irritated us
free people finding fathers.jpg
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publikkkicked don't like to eat know
shhh"it". know fake u long to _uck
us up. know more americans can do
better up u people won a party
hardy in the us bars knot bars!
no c/dc tell us how to live haha.
dem ratz gonna follow dem
pubicants outta dodge bee 1V bullet
train arrivez. mi rack shrub breaks
zainy aint to brainy "cueball"
crooked smile gunna turn upside
down. dicks wimps and changey
outta here. carter pill we got
free or fare election? democracy
or plutocracy? radar bore won a
support fast fair free election?
mandela dream woth catching? Mlk
got style 2112 still moving
mountains with his dream. if it
belongs to u take it back if it
belongs to us give it up! we
know puppets we real power.
deju voo re doo nov 7 replace
dem ratz too. we know kneed
u screws up r future we know
more. pen no gram town 1696 pen
sil gunna vain u ave railroad
cross path with us 1 rocket
starz lay down tracks right
over white houses. dope no
nunz pew nutz golden shower
curtain call II! tomy 21 who
carez peace and courage bee
1v u2!!! 69 u got know job
u gotta job 2 doo doo II.
"in honor of all who we remember"
may beez 1 V 007 teA time 4 II???
hilarios obombed a got odumpda!!

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