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An editorial

By Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

Hypocrisy, George Walker Bush has called for Human rights in china; then why does our so called government condone the inhuman obscene torture in secret prison camps in the Philippines or Yemen. We are not the North Vietnamese or the Nazi or the Japanese of World War II. We Mr. President do not do what they do, we signed the Geneva Convention, and we adhere to the rules of war so any prisoners of war mistreated in our name you can be held responsible in the World Court which can try a national leader for war crimes even if a declared war was never declared.

Also all prisoners of War should be turned over to military personal at military prison via Fort Leathenworth in Kansas. Under direction of a civilian warden who is answerable to a Senate oversight committee, made up of seven democrats and six republicans. With an American Muslim chaplain as an advisor, to advise on food, religion services; and culture. The problem with the bush administration as well as other is they do not understand the enemy or his culture. That is why we lost in South Vietnam, we screwed up in Somalia and other places because we failed to learn from mistakes.

“When Religion and politics ride in the same cart, the willow wind follows”

Reverend Mother Helen Guyas Mosheim

When you mix religion and politics and war you lose, now we are in are new Vietnam and you have the Gaul to call for human rights in China you’re a hypocrite and a liar to boot. It is a war we should have never started; we should never accept the fracking bull that your administration shoveled down our throats. November 2006 this will change one way or another.

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