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A Letter to America

A Letter to America

America, your un-elected demon leader is using your name

to attempt falsely imprisoning me here in Canada through

the tyranny of his blatant fascistic “top secret”


A Letter to America

America, your un-elected demon leader is using your name

to attempt falsely imprisoning me here in Canada through

the tyranny of his blatant fascistic “top secret”

behavior. Take a stand for your fellow man, by giving the

great city of Winnipeg a helping hand. Our pro bush radio

station and newspaper refuse to defend our city by

supporting open honest dialog on a whole host of criminal

issues, that they privately profit off in the tens of

millions to our victimized detriments. So, you’ll have to

become creative and resourceful, but I have faith in your

power to succeed against the dark evil forces pitted

against all our Humanity in my regard. God Speed, and

may the universe be with you in love.

Lights, camera, action!


A letter to the Churches

Okay, right up front. I disagree with the popular

"Christian" practice of refusing to support humanity's

fight for Justice, and believe the act of going silent in

God's name regarding torture and indiscriminate mass

murder is not the convictions that Jesus would hold Just.

This said, I am asking Churches for some support in my

regard. Please feel free to personally contact me with

any questions that may have otherwise left you excused for

continued inaction. I know much of the truly great work

organized Religion can do, and believe to support Justice

for myself, is to support Justice for All concerned.

Do the right thing, by offering me the use of a

photocopier, some professional legal assistance, a small

emergency no interest loan, or perhaps suggestions on how

I could gain the public's deserved recognition for my

established factual summations, that stand un-contended,

and the great injustices that are being committed in Your

name also.

Thanks for your consideration,

Johnny Wizard


A demon bush quote:

"Over the years these extremists have used a litany of

excuses for violence: the Israeli presence on the West

Bank, the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia, the

defeat of the Taliban, or the Crusades of a thousand years


Is demon bush referring to "lawless" Gregory XII?, the

false accuser?, the guy who started the whole godless

violent rampage off from in at about 1073? Is demon bush

referring to American\Saudi bushite soldiers defending a

government that doesn't recognize women as deserving the

right of equal status under the law?, while further

warring in Iraq to "hopefully" install a fundamentalist

regime of idiots that will silently except neocon thieving

similar? Is demon bush referring to the anti-Jewish

presence of violent nazi sharon's forces, who confess

openly as the ungodly to harming the innocent as some how

justifiable, because there is an official phrase for it,

"collective punishment". That of which nazi commanders

were executed for as racist through Nuremberg, and

considered condemnable by G-D in the Old Testament? Did

you know my friend, that Israeli prisons are filled with

those guilty of only, being truly Jewish? Or, that the

Taliban were documented by history as truly fighting for

women's rights as fundamentally outlawing slavery and

rape? Why should you care? Well, I'm the actual, for

real, know it all powerful Son of Man see, and I'm here

for only a brief stint to test these waters by saying a

few choice words, then I must go back to a relaxing time

where I had fewer worries to contend with. But for now,

I'm desperately asking you on behalf of your godly self,

to help raise our voices to the People here of Winnipeg,

before secretly in their name, someone else is going to go

falsely imprisoned for defending the public's right to be

heard freely from.

Another demon bush quote:

"Like the ideology of communism, our new enemy teaches

that innocent individuals can be sacrificed to serve a

political vision. And this explains their cold-blooded

contempt for human life."

But bombing our cities for no justifiable reason,

torturing the innocent while sacrificing our good

children, and stealing everybody's earnings - doesn't add

up though? Do you hate the 911 terrorist leader, the

demon liar Our Mr. bush Jr., just as much as I do too?

/ / A source told Hersh: "They said, 'No way. We signed

up for you want us to use it for

[torturing innocent] cab drivers, brothers-in-law and

people pulled off the streets'." \ \

Huh? That was Afghanistan!


Synopsis: I had been writing critically of the Bush

Administration, when, the Secret Service top secretly

requested I be arrested quietly for threatening the life

of George W. Bush. They tentatively planned to have me

arrested under the Mental Health Act to avoid a public

criminal proceeding, but however during the process, I

managed to speak convincingly to the Honorable RCMP, and

the Secret Service, along with publicly speaking on local

Manitoba radio for no less than forty hours regarding Bush

in total, and was also well known throughout my community

involvement in live acting man theatrical productions I've

been a part of for more than a decade.

[University of Ottawa Professor Michel Chossudovsky, has researched

the Ahmad/Bush relationship as documented by CNN ABC et al, and can

be quested for at]


Sleep Walkers


/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,

"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have

the two documents of question. \ \

What is the Coast to Coast radio network Head talking

about tonight?, the re-re-re-hashing of the "Allaways

Interslinging" Bigfoot phenomenon? Where was I...

Look, you're not going to go to hell for not giving me a

couple of dollars to further my cause, but it sure

couldn't help to leave me without any support here



White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'


hi everyone..

Well, it would seem, I was foolishly mistaken. It doesn't cost me

anything to submit my Motions, for, in criminal matters, they waive

the charges. As for Family Law, Bankruptcy Court, and the like,

they're still out of luck. While, the Constitutional Challenge

remains still gridlocked, it may only end costing me a total of a

few bucks in bus fare.


Hail Hail line of Judah

Again, to destroy treasonous enemy bushite nazi vermin, is

to fight to truly defend, Humanity as the freedom loving,

innocent and godly. A bushite slave would steal it's own

grandparent's pension, and give it to the thieving neocon,

thoughtlessly all to please the god hating demon

antichrist they fall down dead in cowardly praise to.

While I, Johnny Wizard, am just looking for a few good

honorable men, real American Patriots, who are truly

committed, to helping us fight the most wicked evil of

evils to ever threaten mankind's existence. Listen UP all

you People - here comes a King Johnny Wizard STANDING LAW:

Torture is a criminal act warranting a life term sentence

to those who commit such an irrational offence, and an

automatic death sentence to those who caused the murder of

what is more like always, a completely innocent person

denied their equal rights with such barbaric action. And

if sorrowfully, Johnny's America contains no good

honorable men to enforce this Standing Law, leaving still

our great Humanity as Creation in contempt of this Court,

I, the Lord, will hunt the bushite down and destroy them


In the game of Life I am born sworn to defend all that is

godly as the innocent. By attempting to communicate

eternally indivisible wisdoms, I hope that soon, Americans

will finally know, torture is already illegal in 50

States, and if that doesn't work in this toxic waste land

bereft of intelligent open communications, a land where

tyrants who advocate mass murder campaigns are corporately

celebrated as repeatedly broadcast internationally, we'll

all then, have to get much more serious about this enemy

to all of Life itself american/bushite business. I will

try my level best to settle the American frontier in

respect for America's truly Great Fathers. A nation that

has now forgotten it learned already when championing the

rights of the individual - were what America is as founded

upon. Now, in bush-ville, who gives a fuck about goodie

goodie gum shoe Johnny going to our society's prison, or

anybody else besides denied their rights to be truly free,


All I ask you do is get on the talking radio waves and ask

why don't we invite Johnny Wizard on for a lively debate

with the facts for a change? Is that too much for me to

ask of You stranger? Won't you please help us face our

false accusers?

Above all kingdom's of evil,

Johnny Jesus rules forever


The United States of America v. Adam Vaughn

He was a stand-up Marine, a beloved cop, and a local hero

/ / Vaughn was accused of possessing child pornography on

the basis of images in his browser cache and downloaded

photos he had deleted from his hard drive long before the

accusations. Although Vaughn says he never sought out or

wanted to keep pornographic images of children, he's

serving four and a half years in jail. \ \


/ / It's as if our government is telling us that if we're

going to look at porn, we'd better pay for it. Otherwise,

we might get branded pedophiles. How many innocent lives

will be destroyed before the child porn wars are over? \ \


/ / For what? To capture Osama bin Laden? No. To keep

WMD out of his hands? No. To protect America? No. To

liberate Iraq? No. The only thing that's been liberated

is Islamic fundamentalism from under the thumb of secular

Saddam Hussein. The new Iraqi constitution contains all

the provisions necessary for an Islamic state, including

Article 2: "No law that contradicts the established

provisions of Islam may be established." \ \

/ / Photographs obtained by RAI from the Studies Centre of

Human Rights in Fallujah, show the bodies of dozens of

Fallujah residents whose skin has been dissolved or

caramelised by the effects of the phosphorus shells. The

use of incendiary weapons against civilian targets is

banned by treaty. A senior US commander previously has

confirmed that 510lb napalm bombs had been used in Iraq

and said that "the generals love [murdering innocent

people with] napalm."' \ \



/ / Specialist Damien “Monster” Corsetti--known

affectionately as the “King of Torture” among his Bagram

colleagues--was later fined and demoted for forcing an

Iraqi woman to strip during an interrogation at Abu

Ghraib. Yet Corsetti remains a free man. \ \

Will America hunt to kill the un-arrested bushite cancer

that knows thyself as the "King of Torture"? Who's

blasphemous open contempt for all that is God doesn't even

earn him a spot on America's Most Wanted?

/ / "Suggestions that U.S. forces targeted civilians with

these weapons are simply wrong," U.S. Marine Major Tim

Keefe said in an e-mail to Reuters. "Had the producers of

the documentary bothered to ask us for comment, we would

have certainly told them that the premise of the program

was erroneous." \ \

Does not such treasonous conduct warrant a military

misdemeanor of bush bitch Tim Keefe? He even claims to

have knowledge of the undisputable endless footage

that documents nazi attacks against the completely

innocent as defenseless. But the premise of a commitment

for Americans to truly war Our enemies being the truly

Just and Free, at least under his falsehoods of

leadership, is an erroneous argument. For, bushites are

the bad guys, who lie cheat and steal don't you know.


/ / Bush didn't have any popularity left. Overnight tracking polls

showed Kilgore dropped three percentage points after the

President's appearance and Democrat Tim Kaine won on Tuesday.

Conservative Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum told

radio talk show host Don Imus Wednesday that he does not want the

President's help and will stay away from a Bush rally in his state

on Friday. \ \



It's analogous to you sitting in your parked car with someone

throwing through the opened window, a closed paper bag of crack

cocaine, followed behind by an arresting police officer, who while

cuffing you hears your plead that some completely unknown person

threw the innocuous unmarked bag through the window, leaving the

unjust officer of our law, to reply for the record “Yeah, I saw

the, left to go on his own “stranger” do it. And it’s a crime in

this country don’t you know to be found in simple possession? Now,

where are the keys to the trunk of this fancy car we’re planning

to sell for a tidy cash profit you crack head loser?

See, the Crown appears under this law in my case to have no need to

prove a criminal intent to do her things.

Again, a digital image titled “clambake.jpg” isn’t possibly

perceived until it is at least, already in your possession. Making

the standing law as it is interpreted by the faulting Crown,

unjust. Again, no criminal intent is alleged. But for by myself,

against the Crown’s secret bushite crew for aiding and abetting the

crimes of first degree mass murder in New York City.

Who needs who here? Support freedom's cause.


/ / The [US GOVERNMENT'S PEOPLE] report demolished the credibility

of the key Al Qaeda informant the administration relied on to make

its claim that a working alliance existed between Saddam Hussein

and Osama bin Laden. It was circulated widely within the U.S.

government a full eight months before Bush used the prisoner's lies \ \

/ / The Bush defense of what is arguably the biggest lie ever put

over on the American people is that everyone had gotten the

intelligence wrong. Not so at the highest level of U.S.

intelligence, as DITSUM No. 044-02 so clearly shows. How could

the president not have known? \ \

/ / In fact, Libi, according to the DIA, could not name any Iraqis

involved, any chemical or biological material used or where the

training allegedly occurred. In January 2004, the prisoner

recanted his story, and the next month the CIA withdrew all

intelligence reports based on his false information. One by one,

the exotic intelligence factoids Bush's researchers culled from raw

intelligence data files to publicly bolster their claim of imminent

threat -- the yellowcake uranium from Niger, the aluminum tubes for

processing uranium, the Prague meeting with Mohamedd Atta, the

discredited Iraqi informants "Curveball" and Ahmad Chalabi -- have

been exposed as previously known frauds. When it came to selling

an invasion of Iraq it had wanted to launch before 9/11, the Bush

White House systematically ignored the best available intelligence

from U.S. agencies or any other reliable source. \ \

He's the antiChrist for God's sake I'm telling you. The evil bad guy

personified. So, as a consequence, he's just going to continue

trying to bold face bullshit US at all costs to death for his

lifeless corporate criminal greed as true hatred for individual

freedom. At all costs.

Support my cause.

Johnny Wizard



"Justice, justice shall you pursue"

To whom I may concern,

I am providing the following paper titled “The Validity of the

Law”, as a formal challenge to our Court’s fair judgment - in as it

pertains to the standing Laws being exercised against myself.

Namely, a simple possession charge, of so deemed as illegal

materials. A laid charge by itself, as not united with criminal

intent to express or obtain anything. I believe mostly, Judges and

Crowns want to do the right thing - as the best our community has

to offer for serving freedom’s cause - by seeking Justice to our

ends. I realize, my presentation is perhaps unlike the standard

formal valid law challenges that have come in the past, due to my

professional inexperience, however, with no criminal intent alleged

against me, I, naturally, with one thing leading to another, find

myself defending, what is supposed to be the Honorable Crown’s

position, when presenting the why of an unaddressed injustice, but

readily witnessed - crime as occurred or occurring. I hope our

Court doesn’t take my comments on the failures of the Crown’s doing

our job, as so much personally, but perhaps agree too, a great many

of us people now know that we have, to one degree or another, been

willfully mislead to commit a grave injustice against our better

selves. Law, is our will to create a better life for everyone as

agreed, and I believe, my rational arguments are easily, for the

most part, simple to understand. When stating for the record, a

digital image can not be perceived until it is already in your

possession, the unjust Crown has not then moved to stay all

charges, while then assisting me in making a Constitutional

challenge against the validity of the law. Instead, Justice -------

ruled that I will be granted only twenty eight days more to file

ALL my motions, a completely unreasonable demand considering it has

only been a little more than several days learning that the Crown

will formally fight to deny me from gaining reasonable ready access

to the evidence she holds against myself, only a little more than a

month ago that I learned I will under Canadian law, despite the

advice provided by the Crown, be granted a Right to challenge a

fraudulent warrant put together, in part, by the bush

administration's secret service - to silence my TRUE cries for

accountability regarding the crimes of mass murder in my beloved

New York City. [Very complicated international procedures.] The

Crown and Judge were readily aware early on that I was short on

funds to pay for the late in coming transcripts, (that the Crown

took up the costs on,) but both refused to warn me of the costs I

would accrue to pay for Justice later - when we approached a sudden

twenty eight day warning for me to protest all rational things in

“motions” - like arguments for access to the evidence the crown

holds against me, contests ALREADY WELL ESTABLISHED or so I thought


(debate aside, I have been truly denied all legal aid on the

grounds that I wish to defend myself from this foolishness)

Jeeze, where’s he been? There are three Crowns who work on my

case, who know the FBI, allege officially for the public record,

bush’s business partner, Ahmad, funded 911’s mastermind ring leader

Atta - but I implore our World of Nations to see, just what have

they done with such truthful publicly documented Revelations?, I am

forwarding on behalf of our “Police services”? Attempt to silence

our voices for Freedom with unjust prison sentences they are.

Perhaps mistakenly. There are three Crowns, I then therefore will

request, at least, as many Judges. There are other strong valid

arguments that I didn’t make through this opportunity, as it is in

my best interest, to save those for a trial in front of a jury, if

found necessary. Our system of Laws has not been exercised so

fair, in how and why these found fraudulent allegations against me

were originally brought to be about. My life and freedoms have

been seriously compromised in the work load I will inherit if this

challenge for Our Courts fails to communicate to You finally. To

even now, have to become further more entrenched in this made

seriously necessary defense, implores me to ask the People for some

assistance in obtaining a, fair as can be proceeding. I have been

at a loss for securing my regular work regime, along with my up and

coming career in showbiz, due to these life altering Legal

challenges. With the form of legal advice as it pertains to the

state of international law, precedent changing Supreme Court

decisions, and a great more else needed for review regarding my

complicated case, I am compelled to foresee an unreasonable, as

therefore, unjust hearing, if I am not granted ample time and

opportunity to adequately prepare.

truly Yours,



The Validity of the Law

While true, to distribute material in an abusive form of sexually

explicit child pornography, can have a detrimental impact on the

impressionable, being in simple possession, does not connotate the

same negative risk to the public body. It is not a Freedom of

Expression issue. All the pictures on my computer, deleted and

otherwise, are not my expressions. Nor, importantly, can digital

images be perceived, until, at least, they are already in your

possession. Under current law, as is in my case, you’re already

guilty on nothing. So, if you should see something arguably

imprisoning, you’re too late to point fingers elsewhere.

It's analogous to you sitting in your parked car with someone

throwing through the opened window, a closed paper bag of crack

cocaine, followed behind by an arresting police officer, who while

cuffing you hears your plead that some completely unknown person

threw the innocuous unmarked bag through the window, leaving the

unjust officer of our law, to reply for the record “Yeah, I saw

the, left to go on his own “stranger” do it. And it’s a crime in

this country don’t you know to be found in simple possession? Now,

where are the keys to the trunk of this fancy car I’m planning to

sell for a tidy profit crack head loser?"

See, the Crown appears under this law in my case to have no need to

prove a criminal intent to do her things.

Again, a digital image titled “clambake.jpg” isn’t possibly

perceived until it is at least, already in your possession. Making

the standing law as it is interpreted by the faulting Crown,

unjust. Again, no criminal intent is alleged. But for by myself,

against the Crown’s secret bushite crew for aiding and abetting the

crimes of first degree mass murder in New York City.

An infraction against the public's interest occurs when such

materials are expressed through distribution. Presently multiplied

by the FBI's two year running stingers, huge money taker porno

rings that entice the Public to witness their copy-able criminal

images, that they then use much later on for criminal indictment of

said conned individuals - and if they were given out ten fold

since, deleted automatically five years ago, or sitting in a folder

unseen somewhere, in a trash can with the cat's meow, or perhaps,

maybe, accidentally perceived as a god honest, testimony of youth

and beauty, being ourselves beautifully youthful, well, your just

trying to hide some unknown something about your unseen character.

If the internationally popular woman depicted was well over

eighteen, had her own website, and sold spiritual advice, don't

matter for indictment, cause the expert of expert experts they have

in my case, a double full time professional computer porno viewer,

states with a complete straight face, the full figured pubic wisped

woman, he knows nothing of, is really only ten or twelve. You’re

for sure either normal being human, or guilty of thinking their bad

thoughts punishable with real prison sentences. As a result of

course, I'm now demanded to divorce my life of other critically

important responsibilities, to prove my complete innocence on these

deliberately planned top secret schemes, they didn’t want You, the

public to know of. A near criminal attempt, (as documented by the

now disclosed once top secret warrant), to silence my cries for the

arrest of the publicly established factual 911 masterminds - Our

Mr. bush Jr., General Ahmad, rumsfeld, myers and cheney, along

with almost the entire senior staff of disclosed as flagrantly

criminal propaganda proliferators, The Office of Special Plans.

The Warrant details by exclusion, a deliberate top secret plan on

the Crown's part, a deviant anti-government plan to silence my

calls for accountability through my world wide public addresses on

the FBI answers still surrounding the murder of thousands of

American Citizens. The Crown, as an attempt to undermine Liberty

by thwarting me off my one chosen career path of Universal Speaker,

and fictionalized demon slayer - leaves you instead, this quickly

passing opportunity to stand up for the rights of another being

cheated for real, and in so doing, we'll find together, that true

freedom is justice for US all. Law stands strong for good reason,

so too, does tyranny rule by censorship for false imprisonment. Do

not allow my voice for freedom's reign to be silenced unjustly, by

those who would have us falsely believe, bush personally didn't do

the crimes we all easily now know the evidence of.

An unjust Law enslaves all Religions, for reason is beautifully

Just through your will to conceive, that God's interests are as

naturally too, your own included. My commitments to equal rights

for all have never changed, and Humanity's true commitment to

defend Iraqi children to the last cowardly murderous thieving

bushite enemy, will carry on, despite the corrupted Crown’s attempt

to stop real Justice from continuing. When one views public

photographs of rumsfeld's un-arrested mercenary soldiers raping an

Iraqi woman, are our rights being further violated with every

passing witness? How about witnessing that Guantanamo’s torture

victim Moazzam Begg, was running a girl's school program with his

wife under the female loving Taliban? [You know, Moazzam Begg, the

one and same British Citizen depicted solely by heroin pushing

donald “sexy cluster dud land mine dropper” rumsfeld, as one of our

Lord’s most dangerous criminals?]

The Crown alleges in truly contemptuous silence, she’s not

interested in defending the rights of those children, or victims of

mass murder, while voicing publicly in Our Court, that I, am

infringing on the rights of children somewhere else because, even

though no body is perceiving the data located anywhere on my hard

drive, it still magically constitutes a personal violation, on its

own by itself, of an unjust law that literally thousands have been

demonized, robbed, then falsely imprisoned on. This irrational

demand on behalf of the Crown to Your Court, where she states her

private viewings do not infringe on children's rights, while

EVERYONE else’s does, even if you didn't see at all the picture

judged as the reflecting mind of a true sexual deviant, is US ALL

being the auto-guilty anyway, and not firstly innocent as it should

be. See, the Judge could say to a Jury, "Your job is not to judge

the injustice committed with these blind and broken laws, but that

solely, did Top Cop Johnny have this one single picture on his

computer?, and if he did, then the bushite liars who fight our

systems of accountability through Justice to further escape real

rapists, torturers, and documented treasonous war criminals like

those who for sure committed 911, get to put him in Our prison for

half a decade."

However this issue requires much for further study. It turns out

my two primary accusing officers who look at real sicko child porn

all day full time, also support death squads against innocent

families in Afghanistan to protect the demon lies of george w.

bush, and they'd almost tell the jury that too as blind devote

disciples of the self hating bushmob cabal of neo-con peenackers,

if the Crown wasn't there to forbid the truth from being spoken.

The two abusers, the two anti-cop officers of question, lied to me,

then censored my agreement they had their word on, then, attempted

to twist my comments into something clearly I didn’t mean.. and

that’s not even the half of it. So, don’t tell me I’m being over

critical of their naked wicked evil. If an image was an offensive

act witnessed, why then is it that a genuine concern is not with a

possible victim all the time? The shocker to the uninitiated in

the battles of good against evil in these child exploitation units,

is that VERY rarely do they have a real monetary care to follow

though with the details. - "Oh, the girl is really a woman, and

the web address on the digital image is of a server acting

completely within the confines of our law, nudist campers are

nudist campers, and as for the beautifully naked young girl taking

a bubble bath smiling, er.. I mean the one looking seductive...

drat." Examples: I have many texts willfully ignored by the Crown

that articulate irrational praise for one heinous crime against God

or another of the un-elected neocon war wankers, that I, as a

human, certainly don't find myself in automatic, no free thought

agreement with., right? And my objective as Human defender isn't

to censor the known criminality of the, murder innocent people for

the war profiting bushmob liars, but to expose the true injustice

committed against our better selves - US all dying slavishly

censored through Our corporate international communication network

of good old ideas left long gone dead and buried. Hammurabi's Code

of Law: it's first sentence, of his first paragraph, the number

one most important Law as example. - Here's the translation - The

public figure blaming someone else for a capital offense, such as

terrorist, who uses NO EVIDENCE for PROOF, to murder in Your name

as Citizen, is the FOR SURE ENEMY, always, EVERY TIME. And in the

next four thousand years that single law has timelessly stood

unbroken, not one person has been capable to declare a true,

wanting disagreement.

The corporate news mandate is to take You for granted - without any

given say so. Our sold as sworn public defenders, CBC, CNN, et al,

hold no opinions of our Humanity on the needless indiscriminate

bombing of populated cities, the torturing of men women and

children by un-arrested as openly confessed complete psychotics,

the thieving of hundreds of billions from America and Iraq, and as

such, tyrannically support [don't call us, will call you] commi

censorship, all done in to assist the “escape” of those truly

responsible for the crimes of 911.

When the Crown argues that disturbing images simply in your

possession constitute an absolute evaluation of your punishable

character, while denying\forbidding a Court to know what you do in

your life with our time is faulted. I hold children’s rights

paramount in the public defense stands I've made for near a decade,

and privately, I'm free to think my way on anything. The Crown has

no right to dictate what my private thoughts are. This insistence

on behalf of the Crown on what we all perceive individually by

judgment is determined solely by media content - is a foolish

falsehood forwarded by Our Great Lord’s, Supreme Court of Canada.

Example: Does not the public videos of rumsfeld's, defended from

YOUR LAW bushite soldiers, gunning down women and children running

for their lives from a mosque, or where hundreds of unarmed

defenseless families are huddled together, then bombed by a bushite

enemy grunt, a grunt who on VIDEO TAPE, moans itself to orgasm when

they all die as the innocent murdered with "ah.. dude" just speak

for itself? Sure, the celebrating bushies repeatedly depicted have

no honor, or courage, only a fascistic hatred for their fellow man

- openly thieves who die without a fighting cause for Freedom, nor

a true commitment to Law - but I would ask if We had a voice to cry

in Your Court, what do You see in this corporate World that leaves

my stand professionally unworthy for deliberations? The Crown’s

concern remains silent on the DOCUMENTED and easily verifiable

murder issues, when she has her regular huddles with a local

corporate reporter, discussing on who, from the community, was in

Our court challenging, a sexually dysfunctional sadomasochistic

label. For the Crown to witness and know first hand of such

barbaric criminality, such as the FBI's proliferation of truly

obscene child pornography into Canada through the Internet,

(proudly boasted as reported world wide already) and of the true

perpetrators of 9/11 found revealed by another FBI stinger, and,

NOT demand immediate accountability either way, is a Crown who does

not hold Canadian's freedom in check, or a care for our soldier

aged sons and daughters conflicting near death. But to side

instead, as they are hiding behind the honorable Crown's position,

a small group of four or five dim blips, attempting they are to

silence these calls for real freedom for the masses. I am a proud

and honorable man who objects to furthering bush’s war crime aims

with this lifeless corporate tyranny of enslavement through whoring

for the dark foreboding wills of Our Mr. bush Jr.. Censorship is

the tool of tyrants, while I beckon a new light for peace by

communicating. Please, I beg you, do not allow them to silence my

objections to have us unjustly imprisoning myself, while bringing

great hardship to my immediate family by denying the truth be

spoken publicly in my defense on why I'm in the Court room, and

what is documented irrespective of their spin doctoring and label


Where is the violation of a child's rights, specifically, when the

Crown's crew gleefully ponder images she'll use to silence the

words of Johnny Wizard by prison sentence? Where? No, where?

Commanding our public indignation for those who disrespect human

rights she will use as her weapon, all the while, hidden from the

jury, and the judge, a secret contempt for thousands of innocent

murder victims denied my unchallenged demands for real Justice. No

officer of our laws anywhere have found fault with my PUBLIC

summation, documented fully, on who, and how, 9/11 was truly

orchestrated. A Crown stuck committed to global bushite tyranny

Vs. a Truth seeker of the highest order. Come to the trial! Tell

your friends! Tell your neighbors! The People vs. an

overburdened unjust Crown, and a near treasonous national security

officer, who wrote in the original top secret warrant nobody was

suppose to see, it'd be so much easier to help bush escape arrest

by avoiding the public accountability process entirely. The once

top secret Johnny Wizard Warrant is freely available with most

names being detracted, to protect the innocent until proven guilty.

A traitor to God and Country the Crown and one National Security

officer is in this top secret bush administration conspiracy

endeavor, to serve by bushite criminal decree up here in

defenseless Canada. For as potential accessories to first degree

mass murder, they are stuck attempting to undermine Canada's

National Security Services, the FBI, the People, US, all to further

unjustly sacrifice, more of our uninformed sons and daughters for

further bounty, as substantiated real world criminal, bushite

evils. I say no. Help me get public recognition through talk

radio, take a stand for your fellow man, and help a Jury in

Winnipeg learn of who I am, and why they are forbidden to know

what's truly going on, and you'll be helping yourself to a better

future. My principle allegations against demon bush require a

qualified and adapt security officer no more that forty three

minutes to verify. Namely, bush’s business partner, General Ahmad

funded 911's "mastermind" "ringleader" Atta, and was also sent, the

General was, from the Whitehouse on behalf of bush to the Taliban

stating, no evidence will be brought against Laden as the accused,

therefore an innocent man in Christ. And, that as MSNBC reported

of the top secret documents provided to themselves anonymously from

Condoleezza Rice's office, demon bush had a confidential plan at

his desk on how to invade Afghanistan dated September 9th, 2001

that he didn't want anybody in America to know he was working on

during his "vacation". His confessed publicly to Jim at MSNBC, as

“fully implemented” Afghanistan strategy, demanded that he not

pursue the true 911 evil doers, for it would upset his made before

hand, guaranteed plan. That had soldier grunts moving out to get

ready just before the event. All premised on blaming Laden as a

terrorist without a shred of evidence, for a crime that hadn't yet

taken place, but that bush was personally prepared as closing

investigations on. To secure criminal invasion he would refuse to

follow the evidence trail - and as a result - NOT apprehend the

have to let go - falsely accused bin Laden. [cowardly soldiers who

didn’t speak up as real Patriots would have much earlier, who were

ordered to let Laden go on his way in Torra Borra, have now all

mostly fallen quietly dead., by fluke mishap or something like the

sort it is said.] All set in play, this plan of Our Mr. bush Jr’s,

top secretly with General Ahmad riding gun shot, just days before

thousands of American People were still left unaccountably

murdered. See? demon bush would need such an event to happen

unhindered as a requirement to galvanize world sentiment.

Providing no evidence substantiated would guarantee his needed

invasion for American pension thievers Enron, and that is exactly

what HE planned, what HE did, and who HE is. Evil is the deceived

disguised. What more do you need to know buddy?

I, armed with only the facts, demand the arrest of those who

participated in the murder of children to protect the demon lies of

george w. bush, while the Crown's case, on top of alleging that

the simple possession Law [no criminal intent to express or obtain

is alleged] states a child's rights are being infringed on due to

the content by itself, ALONE, appears ready to fight for

disallowing a jury, to freely witness, this fishing expedition was

intentionally started to stop me speaking my outrage that bush

hasn't been yet arrested for committing 9/11 with General Ahmad, so

according to the unmentionables in the top secret Warrant. That

this Crown would officially state holding our virtues while

attempting to condemn me to a long prison sentence, shows her

personal true contempt for the value of Your human life my friend.

I have written extensively on defending the rights of children, and

the psychology of sexually dysfunctional sadomasochists, I have

studied this world to create some thing greater, some thing better,

a world where all children are respected, including those of Iraq

who have been purposefully denied safe drinking water, because

negroponte needed to STEAL the emergency funds for his new embassy.

See?, she would argue that those real world crimes aren’t relevant

to my case in her hands, those REAL children like perhaps your own

don't concern her, nor do the lives of Canadians lied to by

corporate command for criminal sacrifice. The Crown convinces us

irrationally, with her only excuse being, because the specific

broken Law she's decided to singly exercise, (with the exclusion of

all others, like thou shall not murder,) stupidly says she can, and

you dummies can't do anything at all about it yourself. Why?

Because you wont speak out for anyone else's rights to be heard

publicly - the bushite enemy trust to figure. Justice is Freedom,

and to have a real concern for another's lost rights to freely be,

is to be truly concerned with your very own in serious jeopardy. I

wouldn't lie to you. Believing, as the bushite do, willfully

deceitful corporate news propaganda excuses the Bush

Administration's rampant criminality against the innocent as God

is, truly, excuses nothing, especially if I have something to say

on the subject of accountability.

This final Court challenge against my Freedom to be myself, that

the bush administration attempted firstly to do top secretly, has

now been laid publicly at our door step as a blatant threat to

everyone of us as a member of the Canadian Public. Will you help

me politely address my false accusers on our public airwaves? Will

you help speak for freedom from tyranny is this question riddled,

or will you deny yourself my generous helping?

The reasons why such abhorrent behaviors continue unaddressed in

our Police Force actions will be documented fully with remedies

offered during the second part of the third phase of the upcoming

Question Period press conferences - press conferences running

during the available down times of The Trial of

Johnny Wizard.

[this last work can fit nicely on a single double sided piece of

paper. Using the Century Goth font with margins marginalized]

Hi everyone.

As many now know, through a bogus top secret warrant requested by

one person at the secret service, passed to one Cnst. at the

National Security branch of the RCMP, I had my computer property

seized, not for the reason stated in the warrant, but to allow a

trial/witch hunt to take place, in attempts to incarcerate me for a

lengthy prison stint at the will of two self confessed ex-military

bushite bombing, child porn pushers. When being arrested, I was

asked if I would make a statement on the contents of my computer, I

could then also use the opportunity to talk about the evidence

against ------ -. ----. I agreed, but now the testimony ends

abruptly before the actual closing. While the bogus warrant will

be refused by the courts to challenge, as it has been deemed

irrelevant, as a completely separate matter. You know?, how I come

about to be in the, potentially life depriving court room? I can

only pray a public jury will consider something fishy is afoot as

foul play, when the matter isn't even allowed for our discussion as

hugely relevant.

/ / As for written material or visual representations that advocate

or counsel sexual activity with a person under the age of 18 years

that would be an offence under the Criminal Code, the requirement

that the material "advocates" or "counsels" signifies that, when

viewed objectively, the material must be seen as actively inducing

or encouraging the described offences with children. \ \

What is it in you, to judge such material as actual, to not then

have it immediately taken to your own self as an automatic change

in personal judgment? When you read of a faulting murderous

character in a Ramsey Campbell book let's say, does such insight

created, make you less capable in discerning you own deciding

factor? The living state of fiction, is to remain as it always

has, an unbound canvass of art through imagination. Johnny says:

book burning is always wrong. [except perhaps in cases of extreme

cold.] In my case for one example of many that could end becoming

thousands, the expert of experts, states without equivocation, a

fully developed ample breasted 22 year old, with her shirt off, is

between 10 and 12. And, through what they call "collateral"

images, any legal nude picture of adults with claimed youthful

features, or completely clothed children laughing, can be thrown on

the heap of total to totals as an overall picture of my depraved

character. Do they include my fantasy art collection? My movie

poster collections? Animals from the wild? My guitar playing? My

drawings? Or my written works regarding the documented crimes of

the traitor, George W. Bush Jr.? Or how about, the picture of the

Taliban sign in Afghanistan stating, selling heroin is against

Allah's interest, so stop doing it cause it is officially outlawed

everywhere here forever now, but for where the lying bush backed

Northern Alliance partners are. The two ex-military cops involved

in my case, are confessed supporters of the war action of

indiscriminate bombing in Afghanistan. How can that be so? Only

through the silencing of truth in our media circles, with their

avocation of censorship in regards to me publicly speaking, do they

escape public ridicule as true dummies of the state in confusion.

The prosecution is seeking major penitentiary time on this first

time offense, considering all the human rights positions I've

fought heavily on a continuous basis internationally for the last

seven years or so while discussing the inner workings of the human

mind, and then there's the CRIMINALLY sadistic torturers I've

advocated the personal arrest of, and then of course there's that,

as everybody knows, bravely fighting global tyranny by bringing

forward the documented, standing without contention crime scene

evidence, regarding un-accountable as "lawless" George W. Bush's

complicity in the crimes of 9/11 thing.

As I've stated, Usenet services do not allow any participator in

viewing imagery, without firstly, downloading the images. So, if

your like many, you simply participate in using it's services, (of

which I'm unashamedly the largest in the history of Humanity as

political contributor) and download something you would offer for

immediate deletion if some phony cops with a phony warrant had

announced they were coming on a fishing trip to see what they could

nab you suggestively with, (all done 'secretly' to stop you

speaking truthful about the documented crimes of George W. Bush

Jr.,) is still not good enough though, because even if you didn't

witness their 'professional' depictions offered, and just deleted

everything glorious and beautiful, (just to be on the same fearful

side of irrational totalitarianism), you'd still be charged for

cleaning up your room to convey a good public impression. While

child porn relationships are broadcasted on the national news to

impressionable viewers. Again!, not to outlaw criminal

DISTRIBUTION by practicing protections there, where factual

evidence would be crucial in determinations, let's say with a cop

full time monitoring a Usenet server, but no, as like in my case, a

few offensible images, along with un-ending falsehoods on the age

range of us consenting adults, or children being beautiful as

clothed, or in swimsuits. I had 37,333 images of every description

imaginable. And weather you know of everything on your,

information warehouse of a computer system, guilty or innocent, the

information system is still to be found worthy for police

auctioning with the potential loss of your loving family, and the

tentative spot on the greatest teacher achievement awards ceremony.

Remember, rarely does anyone try to defend themselves on such

charges, due to the fact, demonizing such individuals in our new

bushite culture, is done before a criminal case is even heard.

[like with 9/11 and Jay Leno] This is why I try to articulate my

position now, before they perhaps, deny me an ability to speak in

my own defense. I've spoken to a few lawyers, and almost none of

them want anything to do with me, for my lack of big money, and the

blatant fascistic nature of the, use to be, top secret warrant that

the Crown can not possibly be un-aware of. Besides, in honesty, I

am most capable of speaking in my own defense, if granted the right

to say as much in normal speech. I don't know the precedents,

however I'm learning, I don't know the tricks of the trade, but I'm

counting on a human jury, and a little bit of public scrutiny.

Does the Court support the ends and means of Justice, to not offer

support to the 9/11 investigating FBI officers, by having me

quickly silenced on their behalf through incarceration? I fear, if

I am denied a public platform to express my defense, I will be

railroaded into a situation where I will be refused an opportunity

to speak openly. So, I come to the world now, as a safety

precaution, to insure any attempted demonization of my better name

later, will at least have this out here to counter measure.



/ / We're getting international police co-operation on this matter. \ \


/ / Why would God promise you in the Bible, go hurt myself

purposefully. And steal something from someone you didn't

earn. And be a dishonest lying bastard, just to be an

asshole you like to be. \ \


/ / He figured anybody who committed the acts of torture

against the innocent, needed to be publicly executed for

America, by America, as America, and I, am totally in

agreement with that. \ \


Bush Jnr. is sure wicked evil song


/ / an epic study that documents the systematic nature of

torture by the Americans, and how casual it is, even

enjoyable. [...] as the head of Reuters said recently,

it is out of control. It is destroying lives in industrial

quantities when compared with the violence of the

resistance. \ \

Godless bushite enemy thieves, are enemies of innocent men

women and children as they live and die in undefended America

measured worthless to the neocon traitor's bottom line.

If YOU, personally make no effort to confront millionaire talk

radio hosts who insist America's more concerned with

discussing the importance of aliens and vampires than the

sacrifice of liberty for tyranny, America will die. Anti-cop

Coast to Coast hosts deliberately forbid Americans to learn

about who personally is responsible for the crimes of 911, or

that the war in Iraq has no rational justification whatsoever.

Nazi bush bitch George Norrie would happily watch your

American children die for the treasonous bushmob, before

allowing any Patriot on Your radio to discuss these serious

matters that confront us all. Help me gain a public voice on

our air waves, please.

/ / Mr Cheney told several Republican senators that

President Bush would veto the annual defense spending

bill if it contained language prohibiting the use of

cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S.

personnel. \ \

/ / Col. Robert Bowman: As other speakers have said,

they knew the American people wouldn’t stand for it, and

they said so in their documents, and they said, unless

there’s that new Pearl Harbor.

[...] and it is treason. [...]

1. We give up all rights to Iraqi oil 2. We give up

all rights to the rebuilding contracts- if Halliburton

wants a contract from you, they have to bid on it like

anybody else, and they have to hire Iraqis to do the work

for a change. 3. We give up all rights to those 14

permanent military bases we’re building in Iraq at this

time. And the people in the Whitehouse are not going to

make those committments and so they have to go and all

the puppeteers with them. \ \

/ / Rove told Cooper that further information

discrediting Wilson and his findings would soon be

declassified and ended the phone conversation by saying

“I’ve already said too much. \ \

/ / • less than one per cent of the population believes

coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in

security; \ \

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob")

(on bush's behavior during the school book 9/11 incident.)

/ / Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to

snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves

with priority interest as concerned openly honest public

figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have

been to first learn of such carnage,


why not previous before he left his Hotel room with a

television? Outside the Hotel? In the motorcade? With

school staff as you'd figure would have been present too

laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he had been to give

no orders publicly, nor attempt to make public inqiries,

but to listen with such unbelievable absolute devotion,

equating a beautiful child's story, as if it were Jesus

from the heavens himself, speaking directly on the

living Nature of our Universe.. \ \

From the Johnny Wizard work - "Wait a Moment"

[The Son of Man asks:]

/ / Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason

to? What can you lose when you have granted to be

blindly stolen from? \ \


/ / An editorial appearing Wednesday in the Washington

Post did not mince words in denouncing Cheney's

intervention. His actions, the newspaper declared,

demonstrated that ``this vice president has become an

open advocate of torture.'' \ \

/ / The War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set

forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for

any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to

violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder,

torture, or inhuman treatment. \ \

/ / Making a potential prosecutor's job easier, U.S.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wrote a memo in January

2002 to President Bush saying that America should opt out

of the Geneva Convention because top officials have to

worry about prosecutions under 18 U.S.C. § 2441. By

attempting to sidestep the Geneva Convention, Gonzales

created a document trail that can be used to prove that

top administration officials knowingly created a policy

of torturing prisoners \ \

/ / Entitled ``The Torture Question,'' the report makes

clear that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bears direct

responsibility for the brutal methods of interrogation

used against US prisoners. \ \


/ / What is happening is that Ms. Davidson and Lawyers Against the

War have laid charges against George Bush Jr; accusing him of

aiding, abetting, and counseling the commission of torture. \ \

/ / "Many Canadians don't realize that we have not only the right

but the responsibility to pursue these charges, it is a

responsibility that the Canadian government owes not only to the

people of Canada, but to the people of the world. \ \

/ / "The American legal system seems incapable of bringing him to

justice and there are no international courts with jurisdiction.

So it's up to Canada to enforce the law that everybody has signed

on to but nobody else seems willing to apply." \ \

/ / Irwin Cotler's credo is supposed to be "Justice, justice shall

you pursue" not ingratiation with superpowers who practice torture. \ \


/ / [...] talk your arguments to 18 USC 794 anti-treason law.

and if he [bush] goes by hanging I buy the rope. \ \


/ / o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Dick Cheney was NOT

conducting drills on 9/11 that paralyzed Air Force responses to the

real attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Tower 7 collapsed as a result

of the attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that `put' orders placed on the two

Airlines involved in the attacks were mere coincidence?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Porter Goss knew nothing about

$100,000 that was wired to Mohammed Atta?

o Where the Hell is YOUR proof that Donald Rumsfeld did not

organize an illegal military group that would ``provoke terrorist

attacks which would then require `"counter-attack" by the United

States? \ \




/ / One soldier raised his concerns within the Army chain of

command for seventeen months before the Army agreed to undertake an

investigation, but only after he had contacted members of Congress

and considered going public with the story. \ \

/ / These soldiers' accounts show how the administration's refusal

to insist on adherence to a lawful, long-recognized, and

well-defined standard of treatment contributed to the torture of

prisoners. They also show how that policy betrayed the soldiers in

the field--sowing confusion in the ranks, exposing them to legal

sanction when abuses occurred, and placing in an impossible

position all those who wished to behave honorably. \ \


/ / The Nazis in the 1930s were forced to waste precious time and

money on the inoculation of the German citizenry, too well-educated

for its own good, against the infections of impermissible thought.

We can count it as a blessing that we don't bear the burden of an

educated citizenry. \ \


From "Epiphany"

/ / What can bush or rumsfeld do now in Iraq, outside of criminally

stealing our assets, that they couldn't do before a single innocent

Iraqi person was murdered by heinous traitor buford blount? Look I

am serious about this: read... What can bush or rumsfeld do now

in Iraq, outside of criminally stealing our assets, that they

couldn't do before a single innocent Iraqi person was murdered by

heinous traitor buford blount? \ \


From below..

/ / Imagine that: Arabic

WorldCom phone bills, Halliburton gas bills, with the

only store "legally" open to US public will be Bechtel,

who will demand through bushite tyranny, you pay your

wages for something unjustly over billed as, but put

together at less than five dollars a day wages offered,

being as the only jobs available through not publicly

accounted bushite middleman directly chancing the whole

country of America as undefended financially., extending

"their" risk to do nothing; by the further needless


dying WORTHLESS WITH as da dumdums. \ \


From "Time to tell"

/ / Again,

quoting from this very document:

"Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you attack US

all. American soldiers will not sit back as cowards entirely, and

watch you sacrifice our lives as worthless without meaning." \ \

---- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were

ordered to stop investigations into a suspected terror cell

linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept.

11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'




/ / 5) Was there a coordinated effort with the U.S. intelligence

community and/or British officials to "fix" the intelligence and facts

around the policy as the leaked document states? \ \

/ / CNN reporter David Ensor said (11/2/05), "U.S. intelligence

officials insist the problem is these prisons are still supplying

useful intelligence in the war against terrorism"--as if

effectiveness could justify concealing a program that would be shut

down as illegal and reprehensible if it were exposed. \ \

/ / In fact, as they made clear on page one, the authors had

stripped out Falluja; their estimate of 98,000 deaths would

otherwise have been much higher. \ \

Repeat after me:

Coast to Coast hosts are leaving us listeners out here

with the impression, that neither hosts have

heard of the National Intelligence Estimate,

or the NIE, that was created by pressure through

congress just prior to the war, by the cia, state

department, and eight other American intelligence

agencies, of which, the bush administration got

caught misleading the verdicts by censorship,

and outright re-writing, then bald faced lying.

Subsequently causing the creation of an

investigation by the Senate, who's conclusion stated

that the bush administration "..provided [Americans]

with an incomplete picture of the nature and extent

of the debate within the intelligence community

regarding these issues."

/ / There's a follow up article to the "bush church"

report sent to you last week. ..[Methodist Bishops Repent

Iraq War 'Complicity'] that reported the church Bush and

Cheney belong to had adopted a statement opposing the war

in Iraq.]

Interesting the United Methodist Church felt it necessary

to REPEAT it's statement that the push for war was

"without any justification according to the teachings of

Christ." \ \

/ / Patriotism demands that I speak out and call it by

it’s name. It is treason.

I joined the Air Force a long time ago to protect our

borders and our people, not the financial interests of

Folgers, Chiquita-Banana, Exxon and Halliburton. We’ve

had enough corporate wars. \ \

/ / Countless civilians--including women and

children--were cruelly burned to death (whether

incidentally or in a deliberate attempt to terrorize

scarcely matters) in the most agonizing of ways. Enemy

fighters were killed through the use of weapons that have

been outlawed by the civilized world--a world that America

can not claim to be a part of.

American troops even have a term for the barbaric

technique -- "Shake and Bake"--clear evidence that this

was no one-off affair. \ \

/ / Iraqi detainee, Thahee Sabbar, who has brought a

lawsuit against Rumsfeld and top US military commanders,

said he was also beaten, deprived of food and sleep, given

electric shocks, shot with rubber bullets and subjected to

mock executions after being detained by US soldiers in

July 2003, [...]

"They put me in a small cell at first where there were

bloody clothes from another prisoner. Then I was in a

room with about 100 others. Sometimes they used drills on

people." \ \

/ /

The roots of the Iraq profiteering scheme are deeply

planted in the back yard of the White House, and as I

demonstrated above, it requires very little effort to

verify the allegation that the fruits of the scheme do not

far from the tree. AFP.

Which brings us back to our president: incurious,

inarticulate and insulated from people and information

that might contradict his "gut feelings" or religious

beliefs. To fulfill the duties of our national chief

executive, intelligence is not enough - Woodrow Wilson

taught us that - but a conspicuous lack of it is fatal. \ \

/ / The more you look, the more you'll find that our

Constitution has been subverted to the point of virtual

irrelevance. The legislative branch has abdicated its

exclusive right to declare war to the president, who was

appointed by a federal court that undermined the states'

constitutional right to manage and settle election

disputes. Individuals' protection against unreasonable

searches have been trashed, habeas corpus is a joke, and

double jeopardy has become routine as those exonerated by

criminal court face second trials in civil court. Our

system of checks and balances has collapsed, the victim of

a citizenry more interested in entertaining distraction

than eternal vigilance.

Where evil men rule, law cannot protect those who sleep. \ \

/ /Hitler would have trouble understanding what the fuss

over using white phosphorus in a city is all about. \ \

/ / Roberts said that the CIA was aware that the vast

majority of detainees are not terrorists, proven by the

fact that Pakistani gangsters admitted to rounding up

innocent people in street sweeps and selling them to the

US government as terrorists for anything up to $25,000.

These people are now at Guantanamo Bay. \ \

/ / Countless civilians--including women and

children--were cruelly burned to death (whether

incidentally or in a deliberate attempt to terrorize

scarcely matters) in the most agonizing of ways. Enemy

fighters were killed through the use of weapons that have

been outlawed by the civilized world--a world that America

can not claim to be a part of.

American troops even have a term for the barbaric

technique -- "Shake and Bake"--clear evidence that this

was no one-off affair. \ \

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