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Saddaming the House of Assad.

Now that the U.S. coercion in the form of the Bolton recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has produced the U.N. Special Investigation Commission Report on the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon, it is time to ask the obvious question.
Saddaming the House of Assad.

By Lloyd Hart

Now that the U.S. coercion in the form of the Bolton recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has produced the U.N. Special Investigation Commission Report on the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon, it is time to ask the obvious question.

Who had the most to gain from former prime minister Rafik Hariri's assassination?

The only answer to this question considering the circumstances and the murderous game afoot on the ground in the middle of the strategic oil supply in the Middle East is that it is the U.S. that had the most to gain and was probably, most likely the assassin behind Rafik Hariri's murder as well as the assassinations of the other supposedly anti Syrian politicians and journalists in Lebanon that followed Hariri's murder.

If you take a close look, Syria gains absolutely nothing from Rafik Hariri's death and in fact loses a great deal of its standing in the region and the world including the possibility that U.N. sanctions may be placed on Syria as a result of this report that has been released by what is so obviously a U.S. coerced U.N. body. Syria also loses its ability to continue to negotiate with the Israelis over the Golan Heights and of course risks a much much worse consequence, regime change. And in fact this report makes the House of Assad look completely crazy like Jeffrey Dahmer, without any redeeming character for killing Rafik Hariri because Syria gains absolutely nothing and if the U.S. has its way loses everything. Which of course is exactly how the U.S. wants American citizens to view Arab leaders, as crazy and therefore to be removed.

Saddaming the House of Assad is a practice of boogyman politics that the U.S. has traditionally used in order to justify U.S. hegemony in any given region the United States has imposed its imperialist designs. They did the same thing to Colonel Gadhafi even though it was proven that Libya had nothing to do with downing the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie Scotland however aggressively the Western powers and the corrupt court in Scotland ignored the evidence.

It is also a traditional instrument of U.S. hegemony to brutally invade a key nation in a region the U.S. has hegemonic designs on such as the Philippines in the late 1800's where the U.S. murdered in a grand act of genocide nearly 600,000 Filipinos in less than a few months and where they also built long-term U.S. military bases which were used to bully the rest of nations in the region and to militarily control the shipping lanes that all Commerce in the region were so dependent upon.

As more and more evidence surfaces that the New York Times reporter Judith Miller was actually considered an official member of the White House's Iraq Group that fabricated and twisted the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) evidence and that the articles that Judith Miller wrote and had published in the York Times about WMDs prior to the U.S. invading Iraq were simply just Whitehouse propaganda and that Judith Miller's incarceration as a result of the White House/ Valerie Plame affair was simply an attempt to cover-up her collusion with Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and George W. Bush's war propaganda a very clear pattern has emerge in exactly the same way except this time with the White House using the U.N. as its instrument against Syria.

The U.S. has spent the last five years subverting the U.N. to its will by making it seem that the U.N. is run by criminals who were in charge and were running a kickback scheme taking cash kickbacks from Saddam Hussein in the oil for food program when in fact the biggest participants in the kickback scheme in the oil for food program were U.S. companies allied with the Bush regime's present hegemonic bid for mastery of the strategic oil supply in the Middle East. By striking at the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan's family with the oil for food investigation the Bush regime has succeeded in taking complete control of the U.N. insofar that the U.S. can pretty much do what it wants in the Middle East.

America's domestic supply of oil and fresh water is collapsing and has been since the 1970's. The U.S. has built a military, agribusiness and consumer economy almost 100 percent dependent on fuels from crude oil in order to function so it only makes sense given how the United States has behaved in a violent genocidal manner over its entire history that old but temporarily at profitable patterns such as regional hegemony would be used once again regardless of international law or any recently established diplomatic norms whatsoever.

And when you couple all this social Darwinistic behavior on the part of the U.S. military and the political and business establishment in America with the collapse of the global food and water supply as a result of deforestation, global warming and climate change you can see the same old pattern that led to greater regionwide war in Asia emerging in the Middle East.

If U.N. sanctions are applied to Syria, Syria has a great deal to lose economically while the U.S. and the oil companies that come in the wake of U.S. global hegemony will gain by removing hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from the global supply reinforcing the present price per price per barrel and eventual hegemonic control over Syria's oil and natural gas fields when sanctions have finally taken their toll on the Syrian population.

If the U.S. invades Syria as a result of the U.N. report pinning the murder of Rafik Hariri on Syria along with the specious arguments that Syria is aiding the insurgency in Iraq, Syria will experience regime change and lose total control of their oil and natural gas supply and the pipelines from Iraq to the Mediterranean to the U.S. and their oil company budies.

The fact is, by Syria occupying Lebanon at the request of many Lebanese leaders Syria spent an enormous fortune stabilizing the political and economic crisis in Lebanon that the U.S. and Israel created with their ridiculous hegemonic behavior in the 1970's and 80's culminating in Israel's genocidal occupation of southern Lebanon in which Israel dropped thousands of anti personnel cluster bombs into residential highrise neighborhoods in Beriut in a futile attempt to put down Yasser Arafat's and the Palestine Liberation Organization. Syria's stabilizing influence in Lebanon was very helpful to Israel. Israel could count on Syria reining in Hezbollah in southern Lebanon allowing Israel to withdraw completely from their very costly mistake in Lebanon where Israel was bleeding money and lives that threatened to emotionally and economically bankrupt the nation. By being a stabilizing force in Lebanon Syria was able to convince many in Israel that its days of hating Israel's existence were over and that the two nations could sit down and discuss rationally the repatriation of the Golan Heights back to Syrian control in much the same way Israel negotiated lands it had captured from Egypt.

Syria had nothing to gain from continued occupation in Lebanon and everything to gain from withdrawl in terms of increasing domestic spending on the population at home. So it really doesn't make any sense that Syria murdered Rafik Hariri unless you buy into the America's attempt to paint all Arab leaders as being crazy and therefore capable of anything including aiding terrorist attacks on Americans at home and American soldiers in Iraq which would ensure the said Arab leaders the U.S. is presently targeting would be put on display in rigged show trials from which they would be promptly sentenced and executed. Sound familiar.

If America's domestically produced oil supply wasn't in free fall and America wasn't behaving as a greedy murderous basket case with a superiority complex that makes the Romans look like fucking saints you'd find that I would be highly critical of any nation in the Middle East that was not fostering freedom and democracy for its people. However, the Bush regime is destroying democracy at home here in the U.S. by continuing to steal elections through what is probably the most corrupt election system in the world while at the same time using the false promise of democracy and freedom to take hegemonic control of the strategic oil supply in the Middle East.

So I find myself having to defend the truth rather than hope the end result of America's madness will be peace, freedom and democracy for the Arab, Afghan and Persian people after the Bush regime completes its desperate attempt to prevent the collapse of the American fossil fuel economy that the Arabs, Afghans and Persian people have been paying for with their lives ever since the U.S. 35 years ago in a smoke-filled room in Washington D.C. decided to launch their long-term plans for total Military hegemony of the Middle East Strategic oil supply as the client state model that started out as a British Mandate after WWI was no longer economically satisfactory.

Mr. Bush, this dog don't hunt in fact its dead with maggots crawlin out of its eyes.

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