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Baltimore Indymedia shutting down

From July, 2001 to February, 2009, Baltimore Independent Media Center published reports and analysis on grassroots activism in Baltimore. Baltimore IMC also covered national demonstrations in Miami, New York and Washington DC.

In 2006, members of Baltimore IMC joined with members of the campbaltimore artist collective to found the Indypendent Reader. The IndyReader was published as a print quarterly with a similar mission as IMC. Much energy shifted from Baltimore IMC to the IndyReader in the following years.

Recently, both Baltimore IMC and the IndyReader have experienced low-points in activity. While Baltimore IMC has died as a collective, IndyReader kept publishing and now is 're-founding' with new collective energy.

Baltimore IMC will now be shut down to publishing. However, we are pleased to announced that the website of the Indypendent Reader is being re-developed. Readers who have hoped to see IMC back to publishing should be happy to learn that they can turn to the IndyReader online.


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