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3 Baltimore Animal Rights Activists Illegally Arrested

On Friday Jan 23rd at about 7:45 pm 3 Baltimore Animal Rights activists were arrested while legally and peacefully protesting Foie Gras at The Intercontinental Hotel's restaurant located in the Inner Harbor area. After about 30 minutes of protest that was legal and on public side walk area- Police came from all angles in an "ambush" method- waving their billy clubs and using verbal threats to make the activists leave. 2 activists who were peacefully asking why they had to leave were cuffed. Another protester who was just arriving on the scene was first threatened by police when they saw him taking pictures with his camera phone. He walked away as asked by police and when he asked for a badge number- he was arrested. This unbelievable display of injustice just adds to the already known corruption of the Baltimore City Police.

Please call central booking of Baltimore to request that these activists be released and that they get vegan food.

Please call and support:
~Erin Marcus
~Aaron Ross
~Adam Ortberg

Central booking Number: (410) 545-8120



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