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Baltimore Protest in Solidarity with Sit-In Workers

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On Wed., Dec. 10, 2008, a demonstration at the Bank of America (BOA) was held in downtown Baltimore, MD. It was led by activists from the All Peoples Congress, among other groups, [including the Baltimore IWW, the International Socialist Organization, and members of the newly formed Baltimore Economic Crisis Response Network -ed] . The purpose of the protest was to show solidarity with the 200 Sit-In Republic Windows and Door Workers of Chicago, Il, whose plant has been shut down. The BOA canceled the companys financing. Its action left the workers without any severance and vacation pay. Critics are insisting that the BOA should use some of the billions of dollars it received in a recent federal-taxpayers-funded bailout to help the workers. The BOA, in turn, blames the company for this situation. For background, see:;

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