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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/19/04)


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Commentary :: Activism

America's Only Real Choice: Constitution or Tyranny?

Basically, there are five safeguards of the Constitution: Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Press, and the People. America's defense of the Constitution is now in the hands of the People. Poetic Irony, that now that those that want it will now have to suffer for it, or continue in Tyranny.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

J20: Mosh 2 - Mosh Now or Die

January 20 - Counter-Inaugural - Washington, DC
Be there.

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News :: Latin America

Hacktivism against APEC. Chile 19-20-21 Nov. It diffuses and participates!!!


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Commentary :: Military

Prophecy Nov 18 : The bullet in Margaret's head - a call to Jihad

Arise and shine, Holy Warriors, and answer your call to Jihad, fully equipped for battle, armed with the breast plate of Righteousness, holding up the shield of Justice and Peace, and wielding the terrible swift sword of Truth.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


Concentration camps in America? Feds set to toss millions of innocent Americans into gruesome factories of torture and death?… Could it be? Sounds preposterous. Yet…in this video, Texe Marrs marshals overwhelming evidence so convincing it boggles the mind.

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Commentary :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Class : Economy : Elections & Legislation : Globalization : Peace : Protest Activity : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

WAR, CAPITALISM & ELECTIONS: An Interview w STEPHEN GOWANS – Canadian Political Essayist

Read ANGIE's – regular and erudite Indybay-IMC ( Poster fm Canada – incisive interview with Canadian political essayist STEPHEN GOWANS. Angie has scored a previous interview with Israeli pro-Palestinian human rights activist Ran Ha Cohen. We await similar interviews with Uri Avnery and others who speak directly to issues of global justice – as well as global resistance to imperialist racism and the elite capitalists' rapaciousness that will gamble ALL our lives. We, finally, are at an especially critical world cross-roads: we can choose illumination or illusion, enlightenment or inconsequence, mutual respect or profligate death.

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News :: Peace

Children and War: Photos from Iraq

A teacher's response to the war in Iraq

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LOCAL Announcement :: Media

five years of indymedia (screenings and workshops)

Indymedia 5th Birthday @ Red Emma's:

Come celebrate five years of independent media making by the world's largest grassroots media network with two days of video screenings and media workshops!

All events are free, but donations are welcome. Everything will be happening at Red Emma's, Baltimore's new infoshop and radical bookstore, located at 800 St. Paul St. in Mt. Vernon. See for more information.


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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/18/04)


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