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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization

Protest AFTA on March 15 in DC!


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LOCAL Announcement :: Media

DC Underground Film Festival


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LOCAL Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Meet on March 11

Do not be silenced by terror. Join the global debate on terror.

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News :: Middle East


"Israel Orbach delivered a fiery eulogy, [*PROUDLY*] explaining that he had served in the same unit as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon[!!!] and Mossad chief Meir Dagan[!!!]."

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (03/01/05)


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LOCAL Announcement :: Globalization

Call for Direct Action A16

Come to DC for a week of Direct Action and prevention of "Business as Usual" and the Spring World Bank and IMF meetings.

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Commentary :: Children

What's Good for the Goose?

Those who argue for higher standards in education are looking only for numbers. In the end, it is our children who lose.

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News :: Right Wing

Attny Gen. Spitzer Pulls the Pants Down on Mega-Corps

This speech was given by Mr. Spitzer at the National Press Club on 1/31/05

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News :: Protest Activity

Esther Kaplan: On the Trail of the Christian Right

Esther Kaplan grew up in the only non-Christian family in her hometown of King's Valley, Oregon. Her childhood was deeply intertwined with those of Christian fundamentalists she played with and with whom her family socialized, even as she was often considered an oddity who needed to be converted. Later in life she was touched personally and then compelled into activity by the AIDS epidemic, particularly disturbed by the hateful response of some of the Christian Right who viewed AIDS as a just punishment from God against gays. It is this intimate familiarity with both the people who make up much of the base of the rapidly growing Christian Right in this country, as well as with the human cost and suffering being inflicted by the political operatives leading this movement, that Esther has approached the subject of the rising role Christian fundamentalism in this country.


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : History : Right Wing : U.S. Government

The John Ashcroft Portrait Project

The former U.S. Attorney General has handpicked an artist to produce a portrait of the Father of the Patriot Act. However, the artist needs some help regarding how Ashcroft should be remembered.

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