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LOCAL Commentary :: Right Wing

Holocaust Museum For Persecuted Heretics?

Verily, if the origin of the word ‘holocaust’ meant ‘whole’ + ‘burning’ then surely the history of the persecution and killing of pagans and various heretical sects would qualify to this nomenclature? After all, how many supposed witches, were tortured and/or burned over the centuries? How many believers in the ‘wrong’ religions or denominations, according to those fanatics who thought themselves within ‘thee’ singularly right religion, were persecuted and murdered? We don’t know any kind of exact number but it is a frightening reality to behold nevertheless.

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Commentary :: Middle East

Palestinian Dispossession in East Jerusalem

Israeli ethnic cleansing

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LOCAL Commentary :: Activism

Sen. McCain bill S.3081 Can Disappear Americans

Activists At Great Risk.
Compare below: is McCain March 4, 2010 bill worse than “Hitler’s Discriminatory Laws signed February 28, 1933?”

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LOCAL News :: Animal Rights

European Court of Human Rights: No Right of return

"It is not enough for an applicant to claim that a particular place or property is a 'home,'" the judges of the European Court of Human Rights ruled last week

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Commentary :: Activism

Rhetorical Militancy for a Rhetorical Mass Movement? If Only We Could Make Them Like Us…

The main purpose of this article is to address the questions of strategy and tactics in the anarchist movement with specific reference to the roles
the Black Block tactic, and militant direct action play in our movement.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Protest Activity

Funk the War: Bad Romance Street Party

No love for corporate criminals. Stop cheating us out of our future.

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Commentary :: Middle East

Israeli Settlement Expansions Continue

all Israeli settlements are illegal

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Commentary :: Middle East

Brutalizing Palestinian Children

state-sponsored terrorism against children

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News :: Baltimore MD

Los españoles celebran a mexico

Celebran la "independecia"

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Commentary :: Poverty

Social State as Home

This society cannot afford to dismantle the social state. The social state guarantees inner peace. The strength of a people is measured by the well-being of the weak, those born without a silver spoon. Solidarity, social justice and equal opportunities are key words and open doors.

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