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Announcement :: Activism and back online

Infoshop (, Flag (, and related websites and email lists were recently offline for several weeks. During this time we set up a new server at a co-location facility.

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News :: Economy

Permaculture and Peak Oil

Peak Oil and Permaculture explains the dynamics of the impending peak in global oil production and the implications for Australian society. Declining energy availability will spell the end of global economic growth and the consumerist culture it supports.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


This article confronts the criticism of Arabs and others, that Israel favors the Jews.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights



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News :: Animal Rights

Corruption in "Good Ol" North Carolina?

Is there a “Good Ol Boy” Network in North Carolina?

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Progressive Activists and Legislators Challenge Corporate Media's...

..Failure to Cover Downing Street Memo ~ Interview with Danny Schechter, journalist and filmmaker, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (6/27/05)

Supreme Court upholds government land grabs for developers.

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News :: Globalization

3 day hunger strike in WV

One woman takes on Beaver Coal to protect the cemetery in which her family is burried.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Experimenting from Nova Scotia to Nazi Germany

Eugenics is about ridding the world of undesirable human beings. It was practiced by the Nazis and before that, it was the cure for future social ills for many so called progressives in the West. What they did not know was that they, the judges of the unfit, were themselves one of the worst social ills of modern times.

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Announcement :: Activism

Free stickers FIRE THE LIARS !

Free FIRE THE LIARS stickers with self addressed ,stamped envelope.

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