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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD

Baltimore Free Store Summer Schedule

The Baltimore Free Store takes donated and salvaged items and provides them to people for free. We establish one day temporary Free Markets in nieghboorhoods throughout the city.

We operate through volunteers like you. Come out and get involved!

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Commentary :: Peace

Stop the Neocons from Digging our Graves!

The Neocons are at it again! Besides Iran, they now are verbally assaulting Russian and China. Robert Kagan, the cofounder of the Zionist-dominated “Project for the New American Century,” (PNAC), accused those two nations of being protectors of a “league of dictators,” which includes Iran. Meanwhile, since “Imperialism,” is supposedly the bad guy, the Israeli Lobby and the Neocons, who helped to push the Iraqi War, continue to get a pass.

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

State Lawlessness

The Downing Street memo revealed the deceit that Bush and Blair planned an invasion of Irag from 2002. The media ignored the memo. Cheney repeated the lie that Saddam caused 9/11. After he finally denied the connection, the media ignored his denial.

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News :: Asia : Globalization : History : International Relations

3 timely books: global development in the next stage: opportuities and challenges

3 global educators George Zhibin Gu, Chalmers Johnson, and Andre Gunder Frank talk about global development in the next stage.

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News :: Right Wing

Uranium Weapons Exposed - The X Zone - Listen Live Tonight- It's A MUST HEAR

"The American Revolution on Uranium Weapons will
Bring Down this obscene Government. They all have
to go. Are you ready?" - Bob Nichols

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News :: Media

CNN: Moussaoui defiant at sentencing

News Junkie Scott's Blog (5/09/06)

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News :: Activism

Medha Patkar exposed , SHAME SHAME


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News :: Right Wing

Agora Inc.,Warren Buffett,apologist for Utah Patrick Byrne,Senator Bennett stock fraud

Mr. Buffett acknowledged that he has a "friend" who is very concerned with naked short selling, a reference to Patrick Byrne, the chairman and chief executive of, an online "close-out" retailer. He said that while the many companies that attract a lot of interest from short sellers "very often" are later revealed to be frauds, he noted that "The one my friend runs is not at all." Mr. Buffett and Mr. Byrne go back a long way; Mr. Byrne's father, Jack Byrne, was long-time head of Geico, Berkshire's automobile-insurance subsidiary. - from Wall Street Journal

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

US Questioned on Record of Police Brutality by UN Committee Against Torture

Committee Members Call for Action on TASERs, Burge Torture Cases

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Segunda carta abierta al compañero Evo Morales Ayma


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