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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:3 Suicides at Guantanamo Prison Renews Calls for Closing "America's Gulag"

Interview with Retired Brig. Gen. Stephen Xenakis, a psychiatrist, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Poverty

True Nature of Obscenity

We are daily surrounded by capitalist obscenities such as poverty, war, injustice and inequality. Insult is added to injury when bourgeois spokespersons such as Billy Graham blame God and human beings. It is enough to make a person swear

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News :: Activism : Asia : Civil & Human Rights

Killing season in the Philippines

Philippines-Killing-Season.gifThe escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized. If the recent killing spree signifies anything, it's that the growing coercion and the abandonment of democratic rights portend the fraying of the post-1986 political order, when the dictator Marcos was unceremoniously thrown from power and democracy restored. What will replace those democratic hopes, more than at any time in recent years, is a point of bitter political contention.

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News :: Media

Judge rules that US has broad powers to detain noncitizens indefinitely

News Junkie Scott's Blog (6/15/06)

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News :: Activism

(VIDEO) "This Time of Peril: Three Studies in Terror" a short related to the greenscare

(free download) This Short video reflects on the concept of terror and the way this idea is effecting people today.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Latin America : U.S. Government

Action Alert - US intervention in Nicaraguan elections

For twenty-five years United States policy toward Nicaragua has been directed by two goals: working against Sandinista efforts to hold or retain power, and forcing free market ideology on the country in the form of trade agreements and harsh loan conditions from USAID, the World Bank, IMF and other institutions. This is not the policy of the people of the United States, and we need to make that clear.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Labor

Freedom from Poverty March, organized by the United Workers' Association - June 23-24


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LOCAL Announcement :: War in Iraq

URGENT: Take Action June 27 in Support of First US Miliatry Officer to Refuse Iraq War


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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Why I Admire Ernst Zundel

It is for all of the above reasons that I admire Ernst Zundel, a man that refuses to apologize for having an educated opinion, a man that remains willing to sacrifice everything for others, even if they do not recognize or appreciate his efforts. Ernst Zundel is an oddity in our contemporary world, a man unwilling to accept the lies that have become such common fare in our nation – he believes in what he says, and therefore he will "never surrender," and we ought to thank him for it.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Media

The Ehrlich Report

A monthly column of political commentary. This month we raise the question: "What is news?"

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