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Commentary :: Media

New Internet Censorship Bill Introduced

More planned censorship

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Commentary :: Environment

Free Internet Book "Culture Change" for the October 2 "One Nation" March

Civil Liberty, Peak Oil and the End of Empire

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

David Ray Griffin v. Cass Sunstein

Griffin deconstructs Sunstein

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Announcement :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

APSC statement in support of groups raided by FBI‏

The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) denounce the September 24, 2010 subpoenas and raids of the homes and offices of solidarity and anti-war activists in Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan.

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Commentary :: Activism

Kick It Like Roosevelt

The October 2 "One Nation" demonstration in Washington DC is a call to government job creation in the face of mass unemployment and human pain. FDR's creation of 4 million government jobs within 4 months is an example of the state responding to crisis.

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News :: Europe

The Netherlands: Squatting prohibition

We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to help us in our struggle against the squatting prohibition. We will have two demonstrations this week, on 1st October in Amsterdam and 2nd October in Nijmegen. This week mayor of Amsterdam said that in coming months 200 squats will be evicted in the city!!! If you can not come to the Netherlands please organize a protests or action in your place against the squatting prohibition that starts on 1st October 2010.

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Commentary :: Middle East

Palestinian Authority Recommends Whitewashing Gaza War Crimes

PA complicit with Israel

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Commentary :: Middle East

Imperial Israel

Like America, Israel has imperial ambitions

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Commentary :: Economy

Ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Criticizes Federal Reserve

"Altogether the 81-year old Volcker can hardly see anything good in the development of the financial system in the last 25 years.. The current crisis is only the peak of a development marked by grave financial crises every five years for 25 years."

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Has Either Party Honored Their Promises?

So here we are, picking sides, buckling down and preparing for this season’s decision making regarding who should send to Washington this year. It’s an election year wherein it feels like the guys at the helm aren’t helping us out exactly, and have kept just as few promises since being elected as the last guys in office – so far anyway. The other guys really screwed up, and they were in place until only a year and nine months ago. So what are our choices? What are the options? Uuuhhhh… yeah… right…


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