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Commentary :: Poverty

For an Unconditional Basic Income

Martin Luther King called us to a radical revolution of values, from a thing-oriented to a person-oriented society. Like community centers, a basic income could have multiplier effects. The price of oil rose threefold in four years. Lifestyles and priorities must change.

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News :: Globalization

The Dog Old Boys

bush is an evil piece of shit.

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News :: War in Iraq

Iraqi lawmakers say U.S. demanding 58 military bases
Iraqi lawmakers say U.S. demanding 58 military bases

By Leila Fadel, McClatchy Newspapers Mon Jun 9, 7:13 PM ET

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News :: Environment

Starvation: Just Another Nazi Political Tool

the lines in the sky are daily chemical spraying by israels air force whihc includes the usa air force and a huge drone force -- these sprayings are being used to lock down total control of food and water for monsanto and the usa govt, ie the 4th reich. It is over 10 years along now...the traitor clinton began the program, the antennae are also part of it, and communication is just a small part of that...this program is also major behavior modification, its why bush has not been killed out of hand...everybody has been put into a lull with boradcast EM....b

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Announcement :: Protest Activity : U.S. Government

Direct Action for Direct Democracy: Shut Down the Republication National Convention

POG adopts Sector 1 and will blockade 7th and Wall Streets

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation : U.S. Government

The Odds of Change: A Statistical Look at Our Democrat’s Voting Records

We want change. Obama says he will deliver change, as did the Democrats in '06. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Even the statistics prove the Democrats have failed us.

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Commentary :: Animal Rights

Compassion Is Patriotic: Go Veggie

One of the most popular ways to celebrate July 4th is a big barbecue. Ironically, the animals most people cook on Independence Day have been denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why not choose kindness instead of cruelty? Commemorate our nation's birth by enjoying a meat-free day – it's good for the animals, good for our bodies and good for the country.

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News :: Latin America

Lo que Eduardo Galeano debería Saber

Entre los oportunistas que en estos días estarán codeándose con Galeano buscando una foto con la cual contagiarse algo de su prestigio, estará el clérigo-presidente Fernando Lugo

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News :: Environment

Alexander Agrees with Schwarzenegger, No Offshore Drilling

Socialist V.P. Candidate Stewart A. Alexander seldom agrees with any political positions of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; but when the issue is offshore oil drilling, Alexander firmly supports the Republican governor’s position to continue the prohibition on offshore drilling. On this important issue, Alexander is asking the nation to give Governor Schwarzenegger their full support.

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News :: Right Wing

CIA/US Military Perpetrated Most of Iraq's Suicide Bombings

keeping the business of war alive and well.

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