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Commentary :: Economy

Cash Available—To Bailout Wall Street, Protect Taxpayers from $700 BN Debt

Levying a tax on Wall Street stock transactions will help insure that American Taxpayers are not left holding the bag “again.”

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Commentary :: Economy

Dollar is over, says Carlos Lessa

To Lessa, "dollar is over" and it’s necessary that a new "Bretton Woods" establishes new parameters to global economy

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Baltimore MD

ACLU of Maryland Filing Public Information Requests on Behalf of Wide Range of Advocacy Groups from Across Maryland

Pursuing the full story about covert spying on peaceful political groups by the Maryland State Police (MSP), the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today is filing additional Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) requests on behalf of 32 advocacy groups and more than 250 individuals associated with those groups from across the state and political spectrum. The MPIA requests are being filed with the MSP, the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Office, and every local police department in places where demonstrations were held by the groups.

“History shows us that our democracy works best when the voices of people are heard, and the chilling of free speech puts our nation at risk,” said Rev. Andrew Foster Connors with Christian Peace Witness for Iraq. “The Christian Peace Witness for Iraq organizes and amplifies Christian voices for peace in cooperation with people of all faiths. I can’t for the life of me understand how a police organization would conclude that groups like ours would pose a threat to public order or safety. The real threat to the public comes from unbridled State power, which must be checked by the Maryland Legislature to ensure that this kind of spying never happens again.”

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Review :: Economy

Political Economy of the Financial Markets

Financial markets are not described here as anonymous zones of self-regulation but as instruments of private actors enforcing their own business interests on state institutions. Structural deficits cause the crises, e.g. massive liquidity withheld from consumers.

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Commentary :: Labor

Review; "FARE STRIKE! San Francisco 2005: First-Hand Accounts"


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News :: Elections & Legislation



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News :: Economy

$612 billion defense bill passed in midst of $700 billion Wall Street bail out

On Wednesday, September 24, right in the middle of the fight over billions of taxpayer dollars slated to bail out Wall Street, the House of Representatives passed a $612 billion defense authorization bill for 2009 without a murmur of public protest or any meaningful press comment at all. (The New York Times gave the matter only three short paragraphs buried in a story about another appropriations measure.)

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Commentary :: Economy

Forget Wall Street!

Foreign countries will not finance US wars and YS consumption for ever. The US must accept the new reality that countries want to diversity, not accumulate dollars. What becomes of a country that refuses systemic correction and sets missions and agendas above facts and realities?

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News :: Economy : Elections & Legislation : Globalization : Protest Activity


The Bush-Pelosi proposed law bailing out Wall Street capitalist greed and hyper-profit,will hit the American poor and middle class even harder, and prolong the crisis. Time to stop the bill! Time to change Wall Street-coddling politicians! Time to go into the streets and make the people's voice heard!

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News :: International Relations

Cumbre del Narcotráfico Paraguay-Colombia

El clérigo-presidente de Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, llegará a Bogotá este domingo 28 de setiembre de 2008 para una visita de dos días en la que se entrevistará con su homólogo de Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, con quien revisará el intercambio bilateral, que ya es bastante fluido en el rubro de las drogas.

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