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Commentary :: Economy

Will The Next Government Tax Rebate/Economic Stimulus be a Windfall for Gambling Casinos?

Would it be more prudent next time “U.S. Government Tax Stimulus Rebates” be “government vouchers” that can only be used to pay for food, housing, utilities, medical bills, e.g., important primary needs?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Economy : Elections & Legislation : Globalization : International Relations

It’s The CREDIT Stupid

Sickened by The Federal State of America
Sickened by The Federal State of American Mass Media

In this "Economic Crisis" I find it amazing that the simple truth is so "elusive": Truth is: People over-used credit on debt equity. - Now; with over-valued US real estate dropping like a bomb, this debt equity that has been "commercialized" on paper is worthless.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Barack Obama Is A Cheater!!


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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The truth about the Bailout

What does the bailout really mean?

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Commentary :: Poverty

The Neediest Need Help like the Banks

The same state haggles over every bowl of soup for welfare recipients. For banks, billions appeared overnight. There must also be money for higher wages and more social services.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

The Anti-Christ or The Leo Straussian NeoCon Front?

Still if the “biblical” version of Anti-Christ is considered then every age has had millions of such people. But Barack Obama is not one of them. He is Christian. And we know this from the contrarian propaganda of their rovian, right-wing, smear machine as insinuated into this campaign as they have tried to tie Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s behavior and attitude to that of Barack Obama. And we also know from Obama’s value system of his being concerned about other people (and not a primarily selfish creed of too many in the right-wing). They can’t have it both ways in their distortive propaganda.

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Commentary :: Economy : Elections & Legislation : Miscellaneous

Angry Yet??? Biggest Waste of Taxpayer Money Ever!

As the government bails out businesses and industries that were clearly mismanaged and the United States continues its financial meltdown, concerned citizens demand answers, accountability and true change.

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Interview :: Economy

"The Financial Crisis has made Heroes out of Rogues"

The state should make the economy more social and democratic. The conversions of G.Brown, Angela Merkel and Peter Steinbruck from market fetishism to state optimism were cabaret-style conversions. Democracy should dominate the economy.

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News :: Labor

The Concept of Work for Less

Work For Less laws (otherwise known as "Right To Work") are on the march, with backers attempting to add Colorado as their twenty-third state. Coalitions of labor, business, and religious organizations are fighting the onslaught, but they could use some help.

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News :: Activism


report intimidations to the aclu

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