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Commentary :: Economy

Bankruptcy of the Last Utopia

The economy should be a part of life, not a steam-roller crushing creativity and self-realization. The economy should serve humankind; humanity should not serve bankers, SUVs and sports stadiums. The same Chinese letter represents crisis and opportunity. Will the future be human?

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LOCAL Announcement :: Crime & Police


Baltimore Solidarity event for Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Voice of the Voiceless

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Class : Economy : Labor

Baltimore Hotel Workers Stage March and Food Drive to Demand Contract

On Tuesday, November 18th, four to five hundred union members and supporters rallied at Baltimore's City Hall. The crowd was peppered with bright red signs reading "Hotel Workers Rising - Lifting one another above the poverty line!" and union staff were collecting cans of food from dozens of people who had brought them to show solidarity with struggling workers at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center hotel.

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Commentary :: Economy

US Banks: Broke and Then Very Generous

Banks are using the bailout money for dividends and hoarding the money for future takeovers of smaller banks. When bankers line their pockets in the ruin, the state should not help out. The US balance of payments deficit in Oct 2008 was $237.2 bill, four times the deficit in Oct 2007.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

Honk for a New Deal

Calling for a Progressive Agenda

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Environment

Coal is Over, Fund the Future.


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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Labor

Hotel Workers Protest Lack of a Contract

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On Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008, a rally by hotel workers, and their supporters, was held in front of the City Hall, in Baltimore, MD. It was part of a Hotel Workers Rising Campaign, which seeks to bring equality to the men and women who cook, clean and serve in hotels throughout North America, according to the groups press release. Since April, 2006, the workers at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel, owned by Columbia Sussex, have been without a contract. They are calling for a boycott of their own hotel, the press release further stated.

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Commentary :: Activism : Class : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Labor


[I]t will be interesting to see how antiwar activists react to this. Are they antiwar or just anti-Republican?

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News :: Animal Rights : Children : Civil & Human Rights : Education : Health Care

Tree of Life - Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil SLAMMED – Soybean Growers make a KILLING

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Socialists Expecting Business-as-Usual from President-Elect Obama

Beyond the title wave of liberal Obama fanfare that has engulf much of the nation, Obama’s election only represents a changing of the guard to usher in a new administrator for the capitalist ruling elite. As a result of his election Barack Obama is now beholden to big business and the corporate contributors that paid his way to victory.

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