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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Economy

Baltimore Protest in Solidarity with Sit-In Workers

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On Wed., Dec. 10, 2008, a demonstration at the Bank of America (BOA) was held in downtown Baltimore, MD. It was led by activists from the All Peoples Congress, among other groups, [including the Baltimore IWW, the International Socialist Organization, and members of the newly formed Baltimore Economic Crisis Response Network -ed] . The purpose of the protest was to show solidarity with the 200 Sit-In Republic Windows and Door Workers of Chicago, Il, whose plant has been shut down. The BOA canceled the companys financing. Its action left the workers without any severance and vacation pay. Critics are insisting that the BOA should use some of the billions of dollars it received in a recent federal-taxpayers-funded bailout to help the workers. The BOA, in turn, blames the company for this situation. For background, see:;

For continuing updates on the situation at Republic, see

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LOCAL News :: Activism

solidarity protest with republic factory workers in chicago

Going on right now - baltimore stands up in solidarity with the republic workers, occupying their factory after being illegally laid off without severance pay, due to bank of america's refusal to extend credit to republic - even after they received millions of dollars of taxpayer money to bail them out in order to "save the economy"

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Commentary :: Poverty

Financial Crisis and the Poor

The financial market crisis has long spilled over on the real economy. Therefore politics is called to do everything so the economy starts up again and unemployment is prevented. Without strong pressure, frauds will continue unchanged in the global financial casino.

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News :: Europe

Tuesday reports from Greece

Third day and forth night of the revolt in Greece: Thousands on the streets, classes with the police, funeral of Alexis, police opens fire again, right-wing thugs and neo-nazis helping the cops.

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Announcement :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Health Care : Poverty

Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

Service scheduled for Sunday, December 21, 2008
5:00pm at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater (corner of Pratt and Calvert Streets).

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News :: Economy

Ms. Piggy confesses to instigation of deadly Walmart riot
Wal*mart Worker Trampled to Death by Shopper Stampede
by Where is Justice for Mr. Damour?! Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008 at 1:00 PM

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News :: Latin America

Posar para la posteridad con George W. Bush

El gobierno de Bush llegará a su fin, y el obispo Fernando Lugo, Lula Da Silva, Michelle Bachelet, el español Rodríguez Zapatero, Tabaré Vazquez y otros héroes de la “izquierda” podrán disfrutar haber posado para la posteridad con George W. Bush.

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News :: Activism

Presente: the Dead and the Living Converge on the School of the Americas


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Commentary :: Labor

What UGSOA Thinks About Their Members

Is this the kind of union you want to represent you?

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Commentary :: Economy

The Crisis

The capitalist system does not make a mistake; it is the mistake. Capitalism is the problem. the solution would be an independent=socialist social order whose highest principles are mutual aid, respect for nature and a nonviolent rule-free humanly just world.

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