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News :: Protest Activity

Beit Jala: Bullets Against The Demo

The activists and pacifists demonstration who wanted to visit houses occupied by israeli army has been charged with rifle shots from IDF tanks.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Israeli Shoot International Activists

8 internationals injured in a protest at beit jala - one critical, with bullet fragments in her stomach, she is from UK

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Fbi Terror

cartoon c 2002 by charles amsellem. posted in solidarity with judi bari re: fbi terror. the text is my story

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Michael Moore Interview From The Daily Show

Here is a short (6 minutes 41 seconds) mp3-format interview with Michael Moore.

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Commentary :: Urban Development

Production Of Space, Destruction Of Place, Erasure Of Memory

This photo essay provides images and analysis of the Baltimore stadiums - Memorial Stadium and Oriole Park at Camden Yards - as examples of urban destruction and reconstruction linking space, place, memory, and political-economic power.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

An Urgent Appeal To All Activists Seeking Justice And Freedom For The Palestinian People From Anti-Racist Action

An urgent appeal to all activists seeking Justice and Freedom for the Palestinian People from Anti-Racist Action

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News :: Elections & Legislation

'Shut Down Nepal'- 5 Day Bandh From The 2nd To 6th Of April

Here is the extract from the statement issued by its chairman Com. Prachanda who is also the Supreme Commander of People's Liberation Army.

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News :: Peace

177 Terrorist Attacks On Ambulances

Since September 29, 2000, there has been 177 attacks on Red Crescent ambulances that services both the Israeli and Palestinian population. Today, an attack by the Israeli army killed Dr. Khalid Sulieman, Head of CMS who was evacuating a young injured girl.

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Rally For Palestinians' Rights In DC Tomorrow!

1 pm Saturday March 30, Freedom Plaza (13th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW): Rally to end the occupation, end the violence

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News :: Miscellaneous

Israel Starts Up Factories Of Death

1000s have already been thru the death factories located near Hebron in under ground compound our sources working undercover in the IDF said

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