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LOCAL News :: Crime & Police

August 24: What Did Happen At The Progressive Action Center?

August 24 there were reports that the Progressive Action Center in Baltimore was raided by the police. These reports turned out to be inaccurate. But what did happen at the PAC, the home of Baltimore Indymedia, several activist groups, and Red Wagon Child Care Center? This report is based on interviews with anti-racist activists all of whom requested anonymity. [Earlier that day 28 anti-racist activists were arrested at the Baltimore Travel Plaza. Indymedia is investigating this story.]

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News :: Crime & Police

Communist Pigs


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News :: Activism

On The Road W/ The Walk For Democracy [part3]

Part 3 shows the crossing of the continental divide and Jeanette shares how the journey has matured in purpose over the first 2,000 miles. <6 min. video>

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Announcement :: Media

2nd Call For Info Chalking Action

Sidewalk Chalk and a message!

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LOCAL News :: Middle East

Palestine Diary V

Joshua Brown, ISM international, spoke with Baltimore IMC on August 24, 2001 from the refugee Camp Balata. The following recorded conversation with Joshua describes the heightening military activity in Nablus and his experience working with children in the village of Bet Iba on August 22, 2002. He tells the story of internationals attempting to prevent the IDF from firing from their tanks at stone-throwing children in Nablus on August 23rd. On the same day, several people are arrested, almost deported and then released for "protecting stone-throwing Palestinian children." In the same incident a Palestinian man is detained, handcuffed, blindfolded and beaten. Finally, Joshua details a peaceful demonstration in Huwara organized by the village residents and attended by internationals and a contingent of 400 Israeli peace activists. Their goal - to end the occupation of Palestine. The demonstration was attacked with tear gas and sound grenades.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

The Rise And Fall Of Empires

Some commentary on the future of civilisation from your favorite crazy sci-fi head, moi. Enjoy!

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News :: Labor

SPFPA Leads Battle To Protect Security Officers!

SPFPA forms National Alliance of Police, Security and Corrections Organizations (NAPSCO) to protect and advance security unions nationwide.

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Update On Jailed Activists


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Announcement :: Activism

War Times: Volunteer Distributers Needed

Help distribute 9/11 issue of War Times in your area.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Nazis Routed In DC

From One People's Project

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