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LOCAL News :: Elections & Legislation

Racist Flier For Baltimore Black Voters

More info Please!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace

Citizen Weapons Inspection Team Disarms Weapons Of Mass Destruction

At 7:30 am Sunday, October 6, remembering the anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, three women entered Minuteman III missile silo # N-8 in northern Colorado. Acting out Isaiah's prophesy, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares," Dominican sisters Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson and Ardeth Platte hammered on the concrete silo lid and the tracks that carry the lid to its firing position.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

DAVID ROVICS Live In Baltimore! - November 8

David Rovics will be playing a concert in Baltimore on Friday November 8. David Rovics is a great singer and songwriter who has taken strong and courageous stands on Palestine, Iraq, and the actions of the US government.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

An Open Exchange On Whether To Vote Green Party Or Democratic Party In New York's Elections

Left intellectual and labor activist Stanley Aronowitz seeks the position of governor as a Green Party candidate in New York State. Left intellectuals Francis Fox Piven and Manning Marable endorse Democratic Party candidate Carl McCall. An exchange between Fox Piven/Marable and Aronowitz.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Give Rick Kunkel A Better Chance At Winning.

Give Mr. Kunkel a better chance of winning.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Peace

March On Annapolis

We need to organize a state-wide march on Annapolis against the war. Let's get to work!

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights


Wear a red ribbon to show you refuse to add to the bloodshed, you will not cause the innocent to fear. To show you wonâ€(TM)t hate because of race or religion. To show you will not support Bushâ€(TM)s war on Iraq.

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News :: Miscellaneous

Godless Americas March On WDC 2nov2 Photos

On Saturday, 2nov2, in WDC as well as many other communities throughout the nation atheists held a Godless Americans March on Washington on the National Mall. The links below will connect you to two different series.

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News :: Right Wing

Ron Unz, A Trojan Horse Of The Neo Conservative Movement

Ron Unz has come to Massachusetts to push his racist "Unz initiative" which will be on a statewide ballot Nov. 5 in the form of Question 2. Largely portrayed in the mainstream media as a wealthy pioneer advocating "English Only," Unz is in fact a golden boy of the neo conservative movement disseminating its racist, privatization schemes nationwide.

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Advertising American Values

Can really America convince the Muslims that the American way is better?

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