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Commentary :: Protest Activity

BTL:Activists Stop Move by Department of Energy to Reclassify Nuclear Waste

Interview with Jeremy Maxand, executive director of Snake River Alliance, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: Asia

Burma Freedom

the end of the SPDC

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News :: Children : Civil & Human Rights : Class : Poverty

US Homeless and Poverty Rates Skyrocket While Billions Spent Overseas

In the last two years homelessness and poverty has risen on a national average by about 40 percent. Meanwhile the US is sending 4 billion overseas to occupy Iraq and 1.9 Billion to occupy Afghanistan. 60 percent of new homeless cases are single women with children.

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News :: Activism

Stop The FTAA: Important Consulta Aug 29-31st in Pittsburgh

Information on a pivotal consulta to plan for the protests in Miami. The Miami summit will take place Nov. 20-21st assuming the tens of thousands of protesters from across the hemisphere dont shut it down.

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News :: [none]

Green Party of the United States: 2003 National Meeting

The Green Party of the United States held its 2003 National Meeting July 18-20, 2003 at the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC. A report posted for Indymedia by Bia Riaz. Riaz has been active with the Baltimore Greens.

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News :: Middle East


Wednesday, July 30: Listen to Ralph Schoenman, author of "The Hidden History of Zionism", on a recorded lecture on KPFA-FM ( in Berkeley on the "Guns & Butter" program, on KPFA's sister station's *24-HOUR* audio archive at

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News :: Peace

Nepal: Bush Supports Human Rights Violations

People’s Revolutionary War To Resume Shortly In Nepal

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News :: Labor

UGSOA Members Speak out Against UGSOA

UGSOA EXPOSED by its Members Former Members and other Security Officer Unions

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LOCAL News :: [none]

The Week in Review: July 21-27

Week in Review

Although much of  significance happened this week, the establishment news media were preoccupied with photos of Saddam's sons, before, after, and after they were retouched .  Liberian corpses helped round out this week's necrology.  The story of how the US helped maintain the political instability in Liberia, however, was not told.


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News :: International Relations

$10,000,000 REWARD OFFER – Press Release

Information regarding a $10,000,000 reward offer for the capture, arrest, international trial and conviction of George W. Bush.

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