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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

call for east coast food not bombs gathering

richmond, va is planning to host an east coast food not bombs conference and wants to know who is interested in attending

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News :: Activism

Call Congression Leaders and 911 Commission Chair to urge Bush to testify before Full Commission for more than an Hour

Call, Fax, and email heads of congress, Tom Kean, John Kerry and others to pressure Bush into full disclosure of his failure to protect America.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Africa : Economy : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Media : U.S. Government

The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 16

Weekly summary of worldly nonsense

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Jail Sen. Lieberman, Not Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart never sent any of our sons or daughters to die in Iraq. She didn’t repeatedly lie to Congress, or toss hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars away on this Middle East military fiasco, yet she is going to spend considerable time in a federal prison. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) has done all of the above. And, he ready to spill even more innocent American blood in Iraq. Lieberman has no soul and no conscience either.

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News :: [none]

This Was The Week That Was

Our regular review of the news of the week.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization : Labor : Latin America

March 10: Colombian Trade Union Speakers

On Wednesday, March 10, Colombian trade union members will speak at the Painter's Union Hall in Fells Point. Show your support by attending.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

God's Judgement Day

(From google 'groups' tab,

It's not, gee, I wonder when he'll really
screw up, it is bush himself whom is committing the
crime of 9/11 with rummy to begin with, then thinking,
he could get away with it still by lying to EVERYONE.
For all time. War crimes have no statute of limitations
in my book, and the law has a mighty long reach my

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (03/08/04)


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News :: Environment

Reversing Global Warming.

China has already started.

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Announcement :: Peace

Urgent Action - Demand Bush Testify before 9-11 Commission - URGENT ACTION!!

URGENT ACTION!! 911 MASS PHONE, FAX, EMAIL CAMPAIGN - Please FWD!! Demand Bush Testify!!

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