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An Open Appeal to the Anti-war Movement: Sun. July 25--DNC


Sunday JULY 25, Boston Commons, 12 noon

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News Junkie Scott's Blog (07/20/04)


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REMINDER: Baltimore 1877 Uprising Tour & Rally July 20

chicago strike.jpgJuly 20, 2004 Event:
Reminder of today's Tour and Rally in recognition of the Great Railroad (General) Strike of 1877, which was sparked in Baltimore, and spread across the country.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Culture

Word-Life This Wens.


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Need Housing During The DNC?

The Bl(a)ck Tea Society will coordinate housing for people who were unable to find housing on our forums or whose plans have fallen through or changed.

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The Great Raveling

Musings on the Senate and Butler inquiries. "The various committee findings have been reported widely and loudly by the mainstream media, while there has been precious little or no questioning of what these reports failed to investigate or willfully chose to ignore."

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News Junkie Scott's Blog (07/19/04)


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Building Bridges Radio - Boycott Liberty Apparel: National Mobilization Against Sweatshops

Building Bridges Radio presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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NAACP Resolution Supports Mumia !

The Philadelphia Inquirer, though only blocks from NAACP Convention site, though it filled its pages with NAACP/African American related stories, forgot to cover this story.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Hey, Maryland, It’s 2004: Do You Know Where Your Ten Electoral Votes Are and How They Got There?

If America can put men on the moon, surely it can devise a presidential election system easier to understand than the theory of relativity or even Dubya’s “answers” at his last press conference. It’s time to close the old Electoral College and start a new institution: winner by direct majority vote.

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