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IS FECIT CUI PRODEST : Blasts could boost Blair's support !

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London Calling Again

The recent London bombings reminds us that the West must become increasingly diligent in responding to the brazen nature of the perpetrators. And no matter how irrational their acts may be, how specious their logic as they attempt to link civilian deaths with military actions thousands of miles away, we must stop them before they lash out again. In doing so, we cannot lose faith in our principles. Democracy and civil and human rights must be preserved.

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most of the official 2996 911 victims never died on 911

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News Junkie Scott's Blog (7/12/05)

7/7: Terrorist gang "used military explosives".

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BREAKING: Evidence mounts that London bombings were a state-sponsored "inside job"

Attentive journalists have already uncovered solid evidence that the London bombings were an "inside job," orchestrated--or at least "allowed" to happen--by industry and government insiders (US, UK, and/or others). Just like last year's Madrid train bombings, and just like 9/11. Read the following aticles and book excerpts, and spread the word! WE HAVE A CHANCE RIGHT NOW--BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA SPIN A MYTH THAT WILL EXPAND THEIR WARS--TO DEMAND AND LEARN THE TRUTH.

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These things can be done, but there has to be support,
and a belief that reason will ultimately win this war.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD

Next Baltimore Free Store Set Up

Saturday July 23rd
All Peoples Congress
426 East 31st Street
Noon to 4pm

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News Junkie Scott's Blog (7/11/05)

Blair rejects calls for probe into London bombings.

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The Anti-War Movement March: From Istanbul to Binghamton, From DSM to SP4

For those of us in the anti-war movement, there is much to be excited about. A powerful grassroots alliance, originally chided for its barkings over some silly memo, scored a major victory by forcing Capitol Hill to accommodate—even if it was in a basement—a congressional hearing into the sordid, impeachable implications of the DSM. Also, a two-year, multinational citizens’ project, the World Tribunal on Iraq, just concluded in Istanbul last week, further evidence that the second superpower of the world has matured, no longer content with just street protests and vigils. And calls for a timely withdrawal from Iraq, summarized neatly in the Homeward Bound legislation, no longer come from only the blue corners of Congress. For the anti-war movement, the summer air crackles with hopeful possibility.

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