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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Bloody Monday in Louisville Event

For many years the city of Louisville continued to bask in the glow of its' success and it seemed to have managed to deny that there was ever a reason to pause and look into their past.

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News :: Miscellaneous

News Junkie Scott's Blog (7/29/05)

Greenhouse effect is melting Greenland.

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News :: Right Wing

Selling Out Our Country

author: Doug Thompson
My, my, the rabid right got their anal sphincters twisted up in all kinds of knots when I suggested they were traitors to their country for supporting the treasonous acts of George W. Bush.

Didn't see them getting so damned self-righteous when they called liberals, Democrats and anti-war protestors unpatriotic for suggesting Bush's decision to invade Iraq was, at the very least, a serious mistake in judgment.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism : Globalization : Peace : Protest Activity : War in Iraq : September mobilization Info and Logistics

Announcing : Your portal for actions and logistics for September 23 - 26 in Washington, DC and beyond

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News :: Crime & Police

HARBORING TERRORISTS: UK Cops Book Women As Anglo-American Secret Services Give Terror Suspect Aswat a "Pass"


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Commentary :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

Populist #8

The Consequences of our Growing Centralized Power

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Commentary :: Media

Censorship, Traitors, War & The Bush Junta

Patriots in America are not waving the flag today.


From the streets of Little Beirut

By Glen Yeadon

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News :: Environment : U.S. Government

Group calls on NIH to remove Harvard professor from fluoride-cancer study

A scientist accused of covering up research, showing a link between fluoride in tap water and osteosarcoma, must be removed from the ongoing NIH study.

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News :: Biotechnology

ENMOD Mind Control And TIA DARPA OPS Hachita NM 88040 072805 last hour


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Commentary :: Activism

New Book by Aladdin Elaasar on the impact of 9-11

"Silent Victims: The Plight of Arab & Muslim Americans in post 9/11 America", answers the many questions that a great number of people are trying to find answers for. The increasing public's curiosity about the Arabs, Muslims and the Arab and Muslim Americans in the United States has been unprecedented

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