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Commentary :: Media

Christopher Hitchens Panders to War Parties!

Christopher Hitchens, the scourge of the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta, is at it again! The ex-Lefty has written a rant defending the indefensible - the Iraqi War! His main point: Saddam Hussein was a thug, so therefore the Iraqi war was justified. The Straussian Neocon, however, got it wrong! Under International Law, regime change isn’t a legal cause for a war. This is why Bush and his poodle, Blair, had to “fix” the intelligence around the policy.

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Announcement :: Activism



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News :: Activism

Setting Precedent: A History of U.S. Military Occupational Crimes

The United States government and military have engaged in wars that have resulted in the occupation of former belligerents on numerous past occasions, including the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War and most recently the Gulf War and the War in Iraq. What is interesting about this inevitable consequence of defeat is that often the American public is misled about the occupation, its goals, direction and purpose. This paper will delve into a comparative generalization between the American occupation of Post War Germany and its present occupation of Iraq.

The crimes the U.S. Military has been accussed of committing in Iraq are not without precedent. In most cases, the United States Military was first accused of eerily simial atrocities against German POWs and civilains in post-War Germany.

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News :: Activism

Conspiracy: The cases of Asher Karni and Ryan G. Anderson

A substantial amount of evidence can be found in a comparative analysis between two very interesting and distinctly different individuals. One, a rather insignificant personality by the name of Ryan G. Anderson, accused of passing information on “U.S military capabilities and weaponry,” to FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives on the Internet; the other, a gentlemen by the name of Asher Karni who was arrested on January 2, 2004 at Denver International Airport for having sold Pakistan at least sixty-six spark gap igniters, devices used to trigger or detonate nuclear weapons. For whatever reason the crime committed by Ryan G. Anderson has been broadcast to the entire nation, whereas Asher Karni remains an almost nonentity in the American consciousness primarily because the media has chosen to remain silent about him and his case.

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News :: Activism

Anti-Semitism - the provacative accusation

In the end, the reader should take into consideration the fact that numerous seemingly intelligent, educated and patriotic Americans have believed that Jews for whatever reason have accumulated a considerable amount of influence in the United States and elsewhere around the world in a variety of different ways, through banking, the stock market, the news media, government, etc… it is up to the reader to decide if each and everyone of them was a complete crackpot, crank, racist and/or anti-Semite.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Sep. 16-18: Confront & Shutdown the Minutemen! No Borders, No Racists!

We call on people everywhere to converge on the San Diego/Tijuana region and the Mexicali/Calexico region of the Mexico/US border in order to stop the vigilante operation being planned there by the Friends of the Border Patrol, beginning on September 16th. Our goal for Sep. 16th-18th is to take action and directly shut down the Minutemen operations.

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News :: Asia

Looking for criminal Law maker of India : Mohammad Shahabuddin

Bihar will issue red cornor alert for arrest oof RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin

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Commentary :: Activism

Anti-Commodification Effect of Bicycles

What the current establishment fears about us bicyclists is not only our freedom, but our manifested alternatives. Alternative transportation, yes, but even more - an alternative value system.

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Commentary :: Peace

Bush as God's Warrior

"The religious fundamentalist gave the Amercian superpwoer's mission character to the megalomaniac worldview. Its soldiers bring freedom everywhere as the gift of the almighty God, not as America's gift."

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Corrupt Canadian Elections

This is how the NWO Globalists have been able to put people in key government positions to influence our government

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