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News :: Miscellaneous

DIVINE WRATH Strikes Pakistan & India In Retribution for Their Collaboration with the Evil Usraeli Terror-Empire


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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

CGRP Launch Website To Support Prisoners

The Prisoners this web site has been set up to support have been abandoned. Attempts have been made to marginalise and criminalise these men. They are located in Portlaoise Gaol . We support these men and call on all right-minded Irish Republican Sympathisers to assist us in providing both monetary and moral support to our prisoners through Concerned Group for Republican Prisoners.

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News :: Animal Rights

Documentary linking human and animal cruelty

We have uncovered and decoded the messages hidden in the modern day BDSM web sites, a euphamism for the legalized sex slave trade and exposed the master programmer, leader of, that trains young women to live in servitude like animals.

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Commentary :: Poverty

Will President Bush Help Homeless?

Ending homelessness was a priority of President Bush. Is the Bush administration still willing to

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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/8/05)

"Al Qaeda consists of at most a couple of thousand fanatics."

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Commentary :: Crime & Police

President Bush HARBORS Terrorists.

Department of Homeland Security Judge rulled that Luis Posada Carriles, known TERRORIST couldn’t be deported because of threat of torture in Venezuela, Yet Michael Chertoff, Head of Homeland Security, was for torture of John Walker Lindh. He made it a point, that for a reduced sentence, Lindh was forbidden to tell of his torturous treatment for a lesser sentence, as the article in the Nation below shows. Is it because his father, George H. Bush, pardoned another TERRORIST, Dr. Orlando Bosch?

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News :: Elections & Legislation

The Byrnes,John Edwards,Attorney O'Quinn,Swift Boat Vets,Money Laundering

Texas' Democrat Attorney O'Quinn defends the Byrnes who gave one million dollars to ads to attack former Democratic VP candidate John Edwards as well as donation to Swift Boat Captains for Bush to attack Presidential candidate John Kerry's war record. .

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LOCAL News :: Activism

A Baltimore "Free Store" Redistributes Clothes and Other Goods in the City


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LOCAL Announcement :: Crime & Police : Economy : Miscellaneous

Wooden Shoe Infoshop robbed; donations needed!


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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/7/05)

Florida city considers eminent domain against poor, Black, coastal community.

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