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News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/30/05)

FEMA to stop paying hotel bills for 50,000 evacuees.

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LOCAL News :: Military : Peace : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

THE TRUTH FROM OUR OWN SOLDIERS ABOUT IRAQ: Letters from redeploying soldiers

Letters from recently redeployed soldiers

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Commentary :: Activism

homeless and jobless

The Storm of freedom

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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (11/29/05)

Burying college grads in debt.

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LOCAL News :: Africa : Baltimore MD : Children : Gender and Sexuality : Poverty

USA plans Dastardly Attack on Defenseless Orphans.

USA is planning to test Dangerous Chemicals and Drugs on Orphans and innocent Children worldwide.
Is there a Body Bag for an Orphan near you?

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Commentary :: Urban Development

Pulpit Pimps

While most of the black community is in distress due to economic and health issues, The religious leaders are making millions at the expense of black victims

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News :: Environment

Help Great Bear Campaign Achieve Victory!

The campaign to save the Great Bear Rainforest, the world's largest temperate rainforest located on the Central and North coasts of British Columbia, Canada, is very close to a huge victory -- so close that a historic agreement could be finalized within days -- but the provincial government of British Columbia needs to feel pressure from people all over the world right now to ensure that it takes one final step. PLEASE WRITE A LETTER TO THE GOVERNMENT through the website:

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Return the Money to the People

Tired of being a financial slave? Let us end the scam!

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LOCAL Commentary :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Economy : Poverty : Urban Development

East Baltimore: A Conversation between David Harvey & Marisela Gomez

In (Re)living Democracy, artists Scott Berzofsky, Lasse Lau, Nicholas Petr, and Nicholas Wisniewski have collaborated with East Baltimore organizers to turn the Contemporary Museum into a platform for participation in a critical dialogue concerning the residents of East Baltimore's struggle against urban renewal. The exhibition is accompanied by public programs addressing these issues. The program on November 5th featured David Harvey, author of The Limits to Capital, The Urban Experience, and The Spaces of Hope, and Marisela Gomez, Director of Save Middle East Action Committee. Harvey and Gomez addressed urban economic and political problems of Baltimore through the lens of gentrification on the eastside and Johns Hopkins University projects. (Thanks to the Megaphone Project for access to technology for transcription, which is based on detailed notes from videotapes done by Lasse Lau; it's almost, but not entirely, word-for-word).

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

irrational bush whore thieves

Censorship is the tool of tyrants, exercised through the
irrational bush whore thieves who fear open
communications, intelligence, because we make them look as
they truly are in the light of this day: profoundly
ignorant as the ungodly, and oh yeah, truly evil.

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