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News :: Asia

The Baloch Options in Pakistan


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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL:Flawed Election Machinery Jeopardizes Clean 2006 Congressional Election

Interview with Bev Harris, founder of Black Box Voting, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism

Local writer wants activist stories

Author wants ideas and stories for book on trauma related to high-risk activism.

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News :: Media

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/2/06)

Murder_IMC.jpgHomeland Security tries new 3-D technology at Super Bowl.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Law Suit: Housing Authority Abuses Citizenship Question

[Note: By the time this story reaches it's reading audience during the month of February, please be aware that an Injunction has just been filed in Federal Court in an effort to stop the Oakland Housing Authority from violating Federal Law.]

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Commentary :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Peace : U.S. Government

Politics of Extreme Unction: Revolutionary Rights


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News :: Elections & Legislation


The Republican Party, and the appointee of Schwarzenegger, is resorting to illegal politics to keep third party candidates off the ballot.

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Announcement :: Culture

Contemporary American Radical Political Poster Art

Radical political posters have long been a feature of American culture and politics. From handbills posted during the Revolutionary War to wheatpasted posters put up by anti-capitalists activists, radical street art has been vital to political discourse in this country.

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Announcement :: Culture

Infoshop News Podcast

The first installment of the Infoshop News podcast, featuring Chuck Munson as host is now available. News read by Erika. Featuring part one of an interview with Jon Bekken, current editor of the Industrial Worker.

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Review :: Culture : Europe : History

Aaaaaaaaaaaw, those Serbians

Kraljevic Marko.jpgIn view of today's conflicts in Kosovo, where Albanian (drug trafficking, prostitution, white slavery funded operations) violence against a Serbian minority is tantamount of danger of being an extinct nation, we make more fuss about the endangered whales, seals, flowers and minerals, and much less about a rarely valuable contributor to our own humanity.

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