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Commentary :: Children

Every School as a Small Business

The Bertelsmann foundation reorganizes German schools according to market criteria. Bertelsmann keeps a tight rein on public libraries, schools and universities with performance standards, rankings, evaluations and other control instruments.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Hope VI Project Double-Crosses Oakland Renters

Oakland's Poor, Are Being Displaced By Hope VI Program!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD : Media

Indypendent Reader Distribution

This "Indypendent" (Issue 2, Fall 2006) focuses on the prison system and the experience of prisoners and their families in Baltimore and Maryland. Where you can pick up a copy? How you can distribute a bundle?

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News :: Media

Lasers fire realism into war games

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/26/06)

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LOCAL News :: Protest Activity

Call for Sit-Ins at the White House, Nov. 6-9

We need 5000 folks to SURROUND the White House. Think about it, 100 from every state. Now thats representation. Can you be there? As Cindy Sheehan a part of history. Don't forget to vote absentee before you come

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Force and Fraud

This is the reality you are facing, and denial will not help you this time.

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News :: Asia

Missing Balochis : Pakistani attrocities against Baloch people


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

As Can Be Imagined - The Death of Freedom for America

So, those who supported blindly blaming the Taliban along with
bin Laden for 9/11 while closing outstanding public inquiries
are demon liars, who in materially supporting hostilities
against the United States by refusing through censorship to
Publicly support the arrest of those responsible for killing
innocent Americans - became willingly, bonafide cahooting
terrorists, true bad guy "enemy combatants".

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

California Propositions: Voters Beware

Today voters need to beware when going to the polls to vote because much is at stake. Voters need to study the propositions and read their Official Voter Information Guide; and for those who will not, they need to vote no to spending their hard earn dollars and the future savings of our children. Voters should not be persuaded by expensive TV commercials because those commercials are more expensive than what we can realize.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Culture : History

Thinking Allen Ginsberg Blues

This year represents the 50th anniversary of the publication of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl," a seminal and still-challenging poem. A celebration reading of "Howl" along with readings from other Beat writers will be held in Baltimore on Friday night, Oct. 27, at the Load of Fun Gallery.

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