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News :: Media

TOPOFF 4 - Full - scale exercise Oct 15-24

News Junkie Scott's Blog (8/29/07)

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News :: International Relations

Bush's brand-new poodle

PARIS - With former British prime minister Tony Blair out of the picture, there's now a newer, leaner, meaner, adrenaline-packed "Made in France" version. Thanks to his unrelenting support for President George W Bush's war on Iraq, Blair used to be derided in all corners of the globe as Bush's poodle. Now the new self-appointed lap dog is French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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News :: Asia

First Anniversary of Martyr Nawab Akbar Bugti


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News :: Asia

BLA message to the Baloch Nation


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News :: Globalization

list of 911 accomplices

long list.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Seventy schools without opening, in New Orleans

Encara hi ha 250.000 veïns i veïnes de New Orleans desplaçats per tots els Estats Units, que no poden tornar a casa seva, perquè no poden reconstruir-la, ni tenen feina, ni cap altre mitjà de recuperar-se. Setanta escoles de la ciutat encara estan tancades. No hi ha hospitals ni serveis psiquiàtrics per a la gent que no té assegurança. Alguns dels desplaçats a altres estats, es troben que la seva assegurança de l’estat de Louisiana no els serveix, allà... Els 1175 bilions de dòlars previstos per subvencionar les víctimes, a partir dels pressupostos federals, encara estan congelats...

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Socialist Candidate on Two Tickets for President

During the month of April 2007, Stewart Alexander was the first candidate to announce that he would seek the nomination for president on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in California. Now Stewart Alexander is joining 10 other candidates to seek the nomination of the Socialist Party USA to become the next President of the United States.

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News :: Crime & Police

Feds scold Indian Point over Dozing Security Guard

August 28, 2007

BUCHANAN - Federal regulators are watching the owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plants to see how it deals with the discovery Sunday of an apparently dozing security guard there.

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News :: Activism : Animal Rights : Miscellaneous : Peace : Protest Activity

Tell RMSBG to drop HLS! 8.31.

Friday, August 31st

Call Rotenberg Meril Solomon Bertiger and Gutilla, PC and let them
know how you feel about their relationship with Huntingdon Life

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LOCAL Announcement :: Poverty

Call The MSA Friday: "Living Wages for Camden Yards Workers!"

Call the Maryland Stadium Authority on Friday, August 31st and DEMAND they pay all Camden Yards workers a living wage!

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