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News :: Crime & Police

Iraq Occupation----- $720 Million Per Day

hail satan and his servant jesus christ

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News :: War in Iraq

Progressive radio host Thom Hartmann cuts off calls about the pro-Israel lobby (Mearsheimer & Walt book)


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News :: Children : Crime & Police : Education

Fools of Babylon *** 9/30

In Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." (Rev. 18) "O God! Pride of Man, fallen in the dust again!" Quicksilver Messenger Service. 9/25 Bacterial cancers? 9/30 "Worshipping stupidity, heh?"

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Walt and Mearshimer: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anti-Semites?

"The Israel Lobby"

Walt and Mearshimer: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anti-Semites?

Along with about 150 other people, I checked out the Berkeley stop of the Stephen Walt/John Mearshimer book tour last week. For the rabid anti-Zionists, their book "The Israel Lobby" gives Israel-bashing the mainstream academic pseudo-legitimacy that they have desperately sought for years.

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News :: Right Wing

preachers of hate: the power of ignorance

judeo-christianity has become an actual weapon used to intellectually pauperize the American people. When people do not have the intellectual wherewithal to look skyward, and notice the israeli-controlled luftwaffe spraying drugs on them daily, then one should begin to look for a reason why the people have been made so stupid they cannot even see their own prison cell, their own mind

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News :: Activism

Direct Action News report from Greece

last week's news reports

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Commentary :: Animal Rights

some light on the subject


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News :: Activism : Peace : Protest Activity : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Amerika Uber Alles -- Our Nazi Nation

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, develops the disturbing thesis that we have indeed become the new Nazis. Readers will be surprised both by who helped him form idea and who, ultimately, is behind our Nazification.

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News :: Right Wing

9/11,WTC,Tania Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik,Steve Forbes Naked Securities Fraud

Mr.Giuliani never even realised that supposed WTC survivor and activist Tania Head was a 9/11 fraud just like himself ! While Tanya Head practiced for many years at being a WTC survivor her leading rival in post 9/11 fame or infamy as the case may be,was Rudy Giuliani,an unpopular NYC Mayor who had made a miraculous post 9/11 comeback along with his police commissioner Bernie Kerrik. Rudy Giuliani so full of himself and determined to promote or 'pump' his rising Myth American status never really noticed the holes in Tania Head's tale of survival in the WTC perhaps because he was too busy covering up his own.

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News :: Biotechnology

Cannabis Ingredient May Prevent Mad Cow Disease

Cannabidiol may be effective in preventing bovine spongiforme enzephalopathy (mad cow disease) Scientists at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France, have found that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, may prevent the development of prion diseases, the most well-known being "mad cow disease" or BSE (bovine spongiforme enzephalopathy).

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