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News :: Baltimore MD

America Infested with Mossad

who owns ya baby? who owns what you see, and hear, and are taught? who owns your money?

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News :: Animal Rights

ed and elaine brown abducted

tax enforcement

very adroit multi-level and well planned mind control utilizing media and electronics via antennae with enmod behaviour modification

another demoralization by the traitors of America

Internal revenue service and all the other taxes are illegal

now the weirdness of the last few days as the whole enmod machine has been turned off nationwide explains it self now

not only do people reel about when the machine is on, but are definitely doing predictable things when it is turned off too...conditioned

the electronic mind control is being used by mossad forces in a big way

kill your tv


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Announcement :: Biotechnology : Economy : Environment : Globalization

2004 Reclaim the Commons video

3 days in San Francisco

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Review :: Education

Stewart A. Alexander, His Biography

Today, Stewart A. Alexander is seeking the nomination as the presidential candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party and Socialist Party USA; to give Americans an opportunity to have a voice in government and to determine the future course of America and our position in world politics. This is his autobiography.

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News :: Military : Peace : Protest Activity : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Nuclear Dictatorship -- the Portland Plan

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, focuses the 911 Truth community on the largest-ever US government terror drills, dirty nuke simulations in Portland, Phoenix and Guam from October 15-19. Given widespread rumors of a war with Iran beginning in mid-October, the public should keep a sharp and skeptical eye on the Bush administration.

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News :: Africa

Early CIA Involvement in Darfur Has Gone Unreported

There has been a glaring omission in the U.S. media presentation of the Darfur tragedy. The compassion demonstrated, mostly in words, until recently, has not been accompanied by a recognition of U.S. complicity, or at least involvement, in the war which has led to the enormous suffering and loss of life that has been taking place in Darfur for many years. In 1978 oil was discovered in Southern Sudan. Rebellious war began five years later and was led by John Garang, who had taken military training at infamous Fort Benning, Georgia.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism : Globalization : Protest Activity

Take the offensive, kick the capitalists out of DC in October!

On Oct. 19-21 The North East Anarchist Network is calling for two
anarchist contingents during the upcoming IMF-World Bank meeting
protests in Washington DC.

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News :: Media

Empty streets on 9/11? Terror Drill Footage

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/07/07)

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Commentary :: Class

Burma: once again the same lies!

Down with democracy!

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Bush Photo Op in Iraq Precedes Congressional Debate on War Funding

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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