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How our Senators voted...Infuriating

The following senators voted against making English the official language.


Following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits.

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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

SEVEN THOUSAND Lashes and Twenty Blows to the Head

Let me remind everyone of a very vital detail that has gone unprinted and unsaid in all the emails and newsprint over the last week---the appointed President Bu$h WILL NOT SIGN ANY BILL NAMED "ENDA" THAT HAS ANY GLBT FRIENDLESSNESS IN IT, EITHER WITH A T OR WITHOUT A T! And any bill that should be passed will NOT have the votes to override the veto roadblock.

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News :: International Relations

‘The Chinese Octopus'

China has a unique, rich and long history, but very little is known about the history of its secret services or their activities at home and abroad.

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News :: Media

America the next Great Banana Republic

News Junkie Scott's Blog (10/09/07)

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EASY Ways to Stop the Military Radioactive Contamination of Hawaii

The Army is salivating to get the 2/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team established in Hawaii. Even volunteering one hour of your time will help! Here's how.

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News :: Class : Environment : Right Wing

A Gap billionaire's museum in Pelosi's privatized National Park?

Don Fisher, the multi-billionaire founder of Gap, Inc. and "personal friend" of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wants to build a 100,000 square foot museum for his personal art collection in the Presidio National Park. The deadline for public comments on the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement for Fisher's proposed big box museum is Monday, October 15.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

God Damn America

You f-cks, because Bush told congressmen secretly about truly
torturing innocent people to death in YOUR name, doesn't make
the crime any less satanic.

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News :: Right Wing

California Scheming:Rudy Giuliani,Paul Singer,Vulture Funds Africa,GenesisIntermedia

In many ways it is Adnan Khashoggi as well as Paul Singer who are financing the campaign of Rudy Giuliani through money they made in the GenesisIntermedia pump and dump penny stock scam that collapsed around 9/11/01as well as money stolen from U.S. taxpayers and impoverished countries in Africa as well as Peru who were ripped off by the W Bush-Paul Singer 'Vulture Funds' fraud in which W Bush put U.S. funds in accounts directed at 3rd world debt only to have Mr. Singer come along and empty those accounts for his and the Republican Party's personal cash cow that was used to attempt changing California electoral voting system in favor of Rudy Giuliani and the Republican Party !

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News :: International Relations

Oxford Research Group blows away David Petraeus and George Bush

They want us to weed out the root of the clash of civilizations leading us all to nuclear war in Iran and the extinction of life on earth in Nuclear World War 3.

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News :: Activism

One Million Voices for Peace

Over Half a Million Palestinian & Israeli Signatories Demand Uninterrupted Negotiations, Two-State Solution

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